3 Types of Paint Correction - TESTED

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The front bumper on the miata is so badly oxidized, you might not even believe it’s painted, and the hood is nothing but a large pile of scratches. This week Zach tests 3 different methods of paint correction, from expensive and extensive, to quick, cheap, and…. Minty? Let’s see which method makes the most improvement on the miata’s ratty old paint!
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Kirk Miller
Kirk Miller Hace un día
Though you are correct, it's not worth it, in the old days toothpaste had a lot more 'grit' in it. More like an ultrafine finishing compound, and it worked. I don't know how great it worked for correction of problems like oxidation, but, it did a great job on swirl marks and whatnot.
Nike Raikage
Nike Raikage Hace 2 días
You guys GOTTA put some affiliate links in the description. You make money when someone clicks the link to buy what you showed in the video
RockyTVShow Hace 3 días
Look at him taking off the paint
stringplay Hace 4 días
Has he fixed that fender yet? Thought for sure it would have its own episode by now.
kkaarrllooss01 Hace 14 días
My eyes hurts when I see your moves with the polisher, but I can't say, the idea of video is really cool
Tombrosapien Hace 14 días
There’s nothing I hate more than buffing paint
Weezeteer Hace 15 días
Does anybody know what machine he’s using?
Bradley Pumba
Bradley Pumba Hace 15 días
I think that the tooth paste is gona ruin the paint more because of the grit inside of it good for teeth not good for cars lol
Angel Cuevas
Angel Cuevas Hace 15 días
My boy needs to take more time
Insanity Ward
Insanity Ward Hace 16 días
You gotta use the old toothpaste with arm n hammer baking soda in it, it’s the baking soda that cleans and brightens the paint it should help with the oxidation and the water scale but idk think it does much with cracks
Nouzsan Moniriarani
Nouzsan Moniriarani Hace 16 días
Any detailer watching this is cringing.
63W Hace 17 días
how the hell is this guy so good looking and the rest of donut media isnt....WHAT????
Erik HMZ
Erik HMZ Hace 18 días
10 out of 9 dentists and one car enthusiast recommends this toothpaste.
justin M
justin M Hace 18 días
I was worried with that cutting pad you were gonna burn the edges of your hood haha
mythical skyfox
mythical skyfox Hace 20 días
The thing that bothered me is he didn’t blow out his pad !!!
iZajRes GS
iZajRes GS Hace 22 días
What's that [rhytmic keyboard music] on ratings?
Philip Sheridan
Philip Sheridan Hace 23 días
Uhhh that was't some sort of clear bra on the front bumper? I'm shocked...
Victoria Forguson
Victoria Forguson Hace 26 días
he just put foundation on his car
DEATH RACER Hace 28 días
I’m watching cause ima fix a 90s mongoose in the fiery orange
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Hace 28 días
What are you spraying on your buffer before you start your passes?
Nathan Cunningham
Nathan Cunningham Hace 29 días
Definitely wanna see some plastic exterior trim restoration! My Jeep needs some lovin!
Steven Pham
Steven Pham Hace 29 días
What grade / fineness is the pad used for the cut compound?¿
Enrico Palazzo
Enrico Palazzo Hace un mes
You should checkout the Graphene coatings.... I’d like to see that.
nobody _
nobody _ Hace un mes
Wow! $12 toothpaste!!! You really have to budget for toothpaste every month....
zay Hace un mes
imagine ur walking your pet and you see some dude putting toothpaste on his car
Yuppi Hace un mes
Best donut media content, no screaming, no cringe mlg memes, just solid car content. Can watch at night as well for decent balance in audio.
James Rice
James Rice Hace un mes
What's the spay you're putting on the buffer pad?
FerretyWeasel Hace un mes
I recommend meguiars Ultimate compound over meguiars 205 ultra cut. 205 is a "body shop" compound, as in no silicone, as in safe for fresh 24hr old paint. BUT, no silicone means it drys stupid fast, chalks up, and is not beginner friendly. Megs ultimate is just 205+silicone, which makes it dry slower and chalk less. Therefore, more beginner friendly if you're not compounding fresh paint.
I would like to know how Zach would clean his engine bay
Chew Magna
Chew Magna Hace un mes
Now try all three on your teeth and see which works better.
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson Hace un mes
Let's be honest, we all clicked/tapped on the video to see what the toothpaste did.
M Czenk
M Czenk Hace un mes
I use the Meguirs stuff at my Reconditioning department at work
Nak Muay Guy
Nak Muay Guy Hace un mes
4 ads. Are you having a laugh
Josh Slaw
Josh Slaw Hace un mes
I'm supposed to get a paint correction and 18 month ceramic coating put on my car tomorrow and they told me it would take at least 6 hrs and cost me $850 which is a discount vs the normal price. Does that sound good? I have a 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 I just purchased certified pre-owned
Max Gillard
Max Gillard Hace un mes
Would've worked if it was Oral-B
Hakar Doski
Hakar Doski Hace un mes
this all changes if the car is white
MY2KSapphire Hace un mes
The toothpaste might not have worked for the paint, but it definitely works on oxidized headlights. I did it on my old 2002 BMW 325ci and it made the headlights look much better. I did use Arm & Hammer tooth paste, which might make a difference from other toothpastes because of its baking soda content
joey carton
joey carton Hace un mes
Zach: Waxing is one of the only times you're allowed to use circular motions on your paint. Also Zach: Just used a tool that spins for the other two steps...
Drew Lehman
Drew Lehman Hace un mes
Ah yes my minty smelling car
Abed Hiaz
Abed Hiaz Hace un mes
Bro you should clean your pad as it become saturated and it will affect your finish result , ( just a tip , always keep.your pad clean 🤞)
Tony Allen
Tony Allen Hace un mes
I know it shows TCP in the video, but what pads would you suggest for like a 6" orbital. I've got an '05 Lexus with a lot of bird poo and water etching/etc that I want to make shine.
My guy spent $12 on a big ass toothpaste bottle, just get the travel bottle 😂
Cody H
Cody H Hace un mes
12 dollar toothpaste?... it better do more then clean my teeth at that price
Nouri Hamidani
Nouri Hamidani Hace un mes
the turbo episode ?
Adam Zuraitis
Adam Zuraitis Hace un mes
You guys wanna take a whack at the headlight restore products and associated DIY rabbit hole products?
issac lawson
issac lawson Hace un mes
Lol this poor man. Work: hey, rub toothpaste all Over your car for clicks Him: avoids it for as long as possible. I feel it my dude, who owns the Miata at this point anyway, donut or you? I feel like they must’ve purchased it. Especially if they got you to do this lol
Triipppzzz Hace un mes
didn’t clean your pad so you probably put more scratches in
Brandon Sojka
Brandon Sojka Hace 2 meses
the toothpaste is an abrasive!!!
GHOSTK1LLER510 Hace 2 meses
where are the links to these things
#Browniedeluxe Hace 2 meses
4:27 doesn´t show result with the flashlight in the after shot
James Green
James Green Hace 2 meses
Gotta go with the all-in-one for a project like this. If you're ok with not getting absolute perfection on a car that's still going to have some issues when you're done, then there's diminishing returns on when using the 3 step Meguires. I bought a completely oxidized 87 Montero (red of all colors) and was able to make it look pretty darn good with just a $12 all in one compound picked up at the local parts chain store (AZ). Follow that with an inexpensive wax and it's just fine.
TheAxio300 Hace 2 meses
No claybar! ChrisFix would be ashamed.
HootMaRoot Hace 2 meses
Meguiars is basic home polish kits lots of money for I bought test bottles of trade polishing pastes for a lot less than the standard kit you buy in a store, and with that you get different grades so you can work out the smallest scratches. As for toothpaste it's the bicarbonate of soda in it that people think will make it good as a polishing paste as it's an abrasive, but youtube mainly likes to fake these myths
odd kid justin
odd kid justin Hace 2 meses
peep the s14 in the back 🥺
Jordan Winders
Jordan Winders Hace 2 meses
Toothpaste works in thoery because its abrasive....Baking soda would work too.
HKMediaChicago Hace 2 meses
Your dentist recommended this video.
readme info
readme info Hace 2 meses
Atleast it smells freshly clean! Haha The people who claim this work are the kind who put in their worst effort and are upset when they don't succeed.
Logan Dykstra
Logan Dykstra Hace 2 meses
After you finish this series you should do one building an older wrangler
Tyler Johnston
Tyler Johnston Hace 2 meses
The reason the 3D worked well for the surface scratches is because it uses a filler, in a month or so you’ll see them come back out
Alexander Kimber
Alexander Kimber Hace 2 meses
HD speed is a diminishing abrasive with fillers. It’s better to be used after an initial cut. Even though it’s supposed to be an AIO
Sweet Wraps
Sweet Wraps Hace 2 meses
should of tried 3 in 1 meguiars
Sean Hace 2 meses
The 240sx is in its natural habitat... on jack stands
Kitty Hace 2 meses
meguiars? i wouldn't let that within 100 feet of my car. if you cared for your miata, you'd put something nice on it, like klasse or wolfgang's.
Kitty Hace 2 meses
also, where's the clay bar? and the multiple other steps for actual high end paint correction at home? XD
Kitty Hace 2 meses
and use a paint sealant!!! no wax!!!
Joshua Jamison
Joshua Jamison Hace 2 meses
The stickiness is from poor residue control. When he is using M105 and removing alot of clear coat and oxidation, that is mixing in with the lubricant in the compound and creating a paste almost. Smaller section passes and pad cleaning will help with that, and prevent those particles from marring the paint even more
todd paik
todd paik Hace 2 meses
Chemical guys is very easy to apply and remove
todd paik
todd paik Hace 2 meses
Can you you do one for a backup lube for clay bar. I’ve used a lotion water mixture before
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek Hace 2 meses
Who in the hell spends 12 bucks on a tube of toothpaste?
D L Hace 2 meses
Use the three-stage once in a while, got its deep cleaning, and the all in one the rest of the time for maintenance.
carlos conceicao
carlos conceicao Hace 2 meses
Abid Ali
Abid Ali Hace 2 meses
Zach, you could have drastically improved your results by using an air compressor to blow out the pads every few minutes. Your pads were getting gunked up.
Joe Smo
Joe Smo Hace 2 meses
My ‘detail’ on my cars is using the mothers clay bar and using any wax after. Using the wax does help ish.
Crash Webb
Crash Webb Hace 2 meses
The toothpaste is somewhat of the placebo effect because it technically is a polisher for your teeth so whoever started that trend probably thought it would work the same
sachin patel
sachin patel Hace 2 meses
Tip- hen waxing use straight lines incase there is dirt, you get a straight line scratch(its easy to hide with wax) rather than circular motion :)
Billy Marquez
Billy Marquez Hace 2 meses
who else got a toothpaste ad?
justas drigotas
justas drigotas Hace 2 meses
12$ for toothpaste?!?!?!?!
Jeremy Eckert
Jeremy Eckert Hace 2 meses
You should attach a link to equipment that you use
tyson505 Hace 2 meses
Wow, I'm really impressed with the mid-tier method. My car's paint isn't that terrible, I might give that a shot. It would certainly save a lot of time. With a real wax afterwards, I think it'd last a while too.
LEMOONAYS Hace 2 meses
if the cutting compund gums up its because the paint resedue is mixing with the compund to a ratio thats a bit to high, try doing an inital pass with more compund (youtube mowdown method) then continue on the usual path of paint correction. hope this helps, used it on many many cars myself
Andrew Hace 2 meses
I’ve seen tooth paste for clearing headlights and it’s worked OK for me but idk abt the paint tbh
Keaton Wilbanks
Keaton Wilbanks Hace 2 meses
I drive an 86 bronco and the paint is matte. Idk if it’s supposed to be or not but if it is what would you suggest I do to keep it clean
ASTRO 3_3_3
ASTRO 3_3_3 Hace 2 meses
He’s like the William osman of the car world
Joshua Kaminski
Joshua Kaminski Hace 2 meses
Nice job Zack Jobe
MrOscarSthlm Hace 2 meses
Duuuude nice attempt but check with Ammo NYC or Buffdaddy and then make a video on how to correct paint. I know you are doing "your" thing but you are doing it sooo sooo wrong.. It is like using olive oil as engine oil and saying its oil..... Please make a new attempt at this because sends the wrong message paint correction is a art and time consuming as hell... But I do love the effort! :)
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic Hace 2 meses
I don't know if there's anything more satisfying then seeing a car's paint come back to life after some paint correction therapy and treatment... Man, a clean car is always a sight to behold.
Si74l0rd Hace 2 meses
Toothpaste is a good fine abrasive for anything relatively soft, it's particularly good on hard plastic like CD's and DVD's. I used to use it for that as a teenager quite frequently. It's a slow method for sure though, and I suspect cheap toothpaste is probably better than the more expensive ones with whitening compounds, rather than a straight up abrasive doing the bulk of the job. It's more like a polishing compound rather than cutting compound though. I think you'd need experimental approach with different brands to find one that yielded good results. The bicarbonate of soda and all that other whitening crap raises the price and does fuck all to make it a better cutting compound. Think about why a DIY method might work, and what can best be done to maximize your results, before writing it off as not working. It just requires a ton more work in preparation, not something you usually shirk from on the DIY sort of thing. The stands and angle indicators for the alignment video must have taken time and trial and error, would have been nice to see some of that put into the toothpaste section. Small complaint though and an excellent series. Thank you for the time and effort you put into each one of them.
robertha Hace 2 meses
the splatter and fling is from the water you sprayed all over the pad DUR DUR DUR
Raphael Hansen
Raphael Hansen Hace 2 meses
What pads are those??
DavidS Videos
DavidS Videos Hace 2 meses
...So you’re saying I should detail my teeth instead?
Darren Tapley
Darren Tapley Hace 2 meses
I used the toothpaste method on a rental car I scratched the mirror on. Worked great to coverup the scratches, but I did see the car again, a few weeks later, and the scratches were really evident
Asid's Tech Tips
Asid's Tech Tips Hace 2 meses
I would really love to see how you get the dents out
Thekittehawk Hace 2 meses
Supercharge the Miata
danvexwx Hace 2 meses
Try the boiling water lifehack on that dent, so we'll actually see how effective it is
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy Hace 2 meses
Who got a toothpaste ad during this
usernamefromhell Hace 2 meses
Very dissapointed you didn't do the whole car with the good stuff at the end of the video. :-(
Brian Argo
Brian Argo Hace 2 meses
When I first heard the toothpaste as polish bit, it was for PlayStation game discs (PS1 era), and when I heard it, it had to be baking soda toothpaste. Baking soda is actually an awesome bootleg polishing compound. Make a paste and start rubbing. As you rub, the baking soda breaks down into finer particles, so it progressively becomes a less aggressive polish. That said, you showed a pic of Colgate cavity protection toothpaste; looked it up and no baking soda. If that's the actual toothpaste you used.
XXUnknown_legendXX Hace 2 meses
Please use touch up paint in a upcoming video...to learn how to fix little dings or everyday damage to paint and clear coat
AA Hace 2 meses
@donut media do you guys have any links for the 3rd method item?
rougebeaster Hace 2 meses
Rotary buffers are best for paint correction with a compound but you need a dual action buffer for polish especially on a black car.
mark detoma
mark detoma Hace 2 meses
I used the three in one amazon stuff I’m impressed my car looks very deep shine
ryfu10 Hace 2 meses
The wheel is spinning in a circle...
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