$1600 Body Kit vs. $5500 Body Kit

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Team Hi and Team Low are installing BODY KITS!
James and Zach are getting a $5,500 C-West body kit built by the JDM Gods themselves! It comes with front and rear bumpers, side skirts, canards, a cf hood, and a rear wing. They also bought a set of $600 carbon fiber mirrors from Chargespeed. Shout out to our boy Tony at SocalZ who managed to track one down a wing for us that was hiding in a back room and sold it to us just in time to make this episode.
Nolan and Aaron are getting a $300 Duraflex N1 Body Kit. Dude, $300!! But it didn’t come with a sweet hood or wing like Hi-car’s kit did. SO, they got a gigantic Street Faction wing and a JGTC inspired carbon fiber hood. The wing itself was $800, which makes the wing officially the most expensive thing on Low Car. The CF hood was $540 -- It was the cheapest one we could find. Oh, and they also got some eBay KNOCKOFF ganador mirrors for $40.
Body Kits are one of the coolest mods you can do to your car because it really changes the way the car looks, it almost feels like you own a new car!
Is all the extra money Team Hi is throwing at their body kit actually gonna make it look THAT much better than Low Car?
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Jonathan Rangel
Jonathan Rangel Hace 5 horas
Dang when did y’all get a ESpost? Thought this was just on snap lol
Jose Marin
Jose Marin Hace un día
i laughed so hard when they did a montage on the low 350z im sorry LMFAO
Oliver Depauw
Oliver Depauw Hace 2 días
Jb weld only gets a bad rep because people don’t know how to use it/ overestimate it’s abilities
Harrison Campbell
Harrison Campbell Hace 2 días
The sound engineer for this episode deserves a goddamn Emmy award
Cryforequanimity Hace 3 días
Ya'll need to switch gears (ha) and do a D List on $ vs $$$$$ lift kids on a truck. Rough Country vs King, for example.
ASHY TOONS Hace 3 días
Little do they know, They mixed up the parts for their cars and might have different versions of their cars.
Yahin Jarquin
Yahin Jarquin Hace 4 días
So who’s gonna tell me who’s the jdm gods😅 I’m new to the car community
TYPRIME 099 Hace 5 días
It's a forza wing why would you destroy a Japanese car😠😠😠😠
Theduckingduck Hace 6 días
Lil vv
Lil vv Hace 7 días
Idk bout y’all but I really want to work at donut when I grow up
nayel sayed
nayel sayed Hace 7 días
get rap next vedio
J Dubz
J Dubz Hace 11 días
13:15 😂 it makes me laugh every time 😂
Greg Stumbaugh
Greg Stumbaugh Hace 12 días
20 dollars
Zack Shobe
Zack Shobe Hace 12 días
Love how they wear a mask to cut the fiberglass hood or panels BUT NO GLASSES lol zero f’s given
Steven Canning
Steven Canning Hace 13 días
the blue one hands down
RantePlayz Hace 13 días
Where can I buy bodykits
Oliver Queen 2
Oliver Queen 2 Hace 14 días
Вывод: Учите английский
your average gamer
your average gamer Hace 14 días
can anyone tell me where they get these fancy parts, please
Trever murphy
Trever murphy Hace 15 días
this video is making me cringe
sub and your a cutie
sub and your a cutie Hace 15 días
the only problem is I can't afford a $5500 body kit
99 BOOTS Hace 16 días
I was like yo aron smort then i see his glasses n i b like o he HECKA smorts
turtloid Hace 16 días
I thought they were gonna do a time trial at least... Low's kit looked so inconsistent and poorly fitting it would definitely introduce a lot of turbulence. Add to the lack of a endplates on that wing. Still would be nice to have looked at numbers though
Colin Mckay
Colin Mckay Hace 17 días
Honestly be grateful the holes werent pre drilled. i ordered a cheap carbon fiber fairing kit for my ducati, and none of the holes lined up. id have rather done it myself.
gill manjit
gill manjit Hace 17 días
I don't like both cars front bumper
Joe mack
Joe mack Hace 17 días
damn that intern ian was f-ing cute
David Slusser
David Slusser Hace 17 días
you guys have incredible editors. Everyone on camera is great too but the attention to detail in the editing is noticed and appreciated.
bobans Hace 13 días
I can hear the echo a lot in the video. Maybe they were eager to put the video online.
Gildenlöws Channel
Gildenlöws Channel Hace 17 días
If I’m getting my car fixed I are doing it, ok. You hear me mate...you...are doing it!
Carter Haack
Carter Haack Hace 17 días
You guys got my dream car in here man!
Konrad Paczek
Konrad Paczek Hace 19 días
I don’t know if I should feel bad that I like the look of the oem front bumper
G2518 on android
G2518 on android Hace 21 un día
I give you 1 dollar for the side skirts
AugmentedGravity Hace 22 días
DAAAMN that C-West kit looks fucking DOPE
FlawlessOldie Hace 23 días
15:42 song ?
FlawlessOldie Hace 23 días
Found it espost.info/download/v-deo/gK57i5qXrbvZbGU
ANoobCalled Max
ANoobCalled Max Hace 23 días
0:53 nolan looks like he wants to kill me🥴
ANoobCalled Max
ANoobCalled Max Hace 23 días
4:18 and everyone in fking donut knows what to do
_ ZEN_
_ ZEN_ Hace 23 días
Why not a rocket bunny v1
Dillion Johnson
Dillion Johnson Hace 24 días
The quote about JB Weld is so true. People shit on it, but cmon... That shits amazing stuff
Maurice Milton
Maurice Milton Hace 27 días
where do you shop for bodykits?????
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Hace 28 días
Put that mike on your sleeves it's so horrible on the distortion.... your too loud/to close to the mic..
Edv7n Hace 29 días
They need to compare widebody kits for the next season of hi-low, would be so sick!
Elby Ravinshah
Elby Ravinshah Hace un mes
9:45 Why you click that
Daniel Wayne
Daniel Wayne Hace un mes
Should have gotten a rocket bunny kit
Ironklad Gaming
Ironklad Gaming Hace un mes
Definitely rather buy the more expensive one
Anonymous Hace un mes
The sadness in nolens face holding high car wing.
Lizrd Wizrd 2
Lizrd Wizrd 2 Hace un mes
0:10 song is called ad infinitum for anyone wondering
Aykut Ilter
Aykut Ilter Hace un mes
Türkçe altyazı
takatakataka13579 Hace un mes
Made in China?
Marcos Sanchez
Marcos Sanchez Hace un mes
the expensive cars hood and bumper looks rice
Danny LastName
Danny LastName Hace un mes
Is the high wing backwards?
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers Hace un mes
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life....
magnificent10304 Hace un mes
Not feelin the 5K body kit at all, neither for the matter. I think they made both cars look worst.... they could've picked better kits. I myself have gone the kit route an know all they've gone through an not even finished yet.. but I used JDM quick release latches to close the gaps in the bumpers as neither the front or back fitted properly an waiting on the fender flares which i will us to cover the quick release tabs. They could've tried more on both cars, specially that 5k kit an $600 useless mirrors.....
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy Hace un mes
we can say what we want about Nolan's car hurting our eyes to look at I think it hurt's Nolan's more
dj3ss3nc3 Hace un mes
both cars look like shit imo
David Pentea
David Pentea Hace un mes
Why that guy is wearing a jacket?
Dylan Havell
Dylan Havell Hace un mes
Are those side panels still available? PM me please. Specifically the blue ones. Will pay shipping and a decent price. Having trouble finding a set of side panels on mine since being T-boned.
Max Stovall
Max Stovall Hace un mes
I prefer the nismo kit on my 370z with an added spoiler for looks
Sum dum Gui
Sum dum Gui Hace un mes
Nolan’s a very simple man he likes the after market bumper cause it’s less. And I like it for that reason to.
Cynical Judgement
Cynical Judgement Hace un mes
Is it weird I prefer the low car?
iT'z_VoRT3x™ Hace un mes
Vs 15k dream bodykit by veilside ? ._. :D
normita 78
normita 78 Hace un mes
I don’t know why but I love Nolan when he hosts
TheNineDivides Hace un mes
Dude with the white shirt on the $1,600 kit looks like dyrus lol
GoFast Firebird
GoFast Firebird Hace un mes
Tom Rund
Tom Rund Hace un mes
The original mirror brackets were modified so much that the intended angle of perspective and physical distance from them was changed from what was intended. They could also be imports (right handed drivers) in combination with the bracket angle change a very strange visual effect would occur. Swapping the actual mirrors(glass not mounts) may help a bit.
Emanuel Quintero
Emanuel Quintero Hace un mes
I love this channel so damn much
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray Hace un mes
Imagine an introvert making a car
madnutts Hace un mes
Honestly I like the stock look more and the cheaper front bumper second.
Maksalmina Muhammad
Maksalmina Muhammad Hace un mes
Try karma kit
K4ID Hace un mes
Whats the intro music
Gerald Hesse
Gerald Hesse Hace un mes
Can i have Original body kit for 3 thousand? plus i don't have money i'm a kid
Micah Jensen
Micah Jensen Hace un mes
No one: Absolutely no one: Zach: I'm working on de car
wafflnator Hace un mes
$600 mirrors might be the wildest thing ever
Echo Noodle
Echo Noodle Hace un mes
Said Corona
Said Corona Hace un mes
I was surprised when aparkah cx came out
Mr. Lugnut
Mr. Lugnut Hace un mes
hooOOOOLLYYY JEEZY BOIZ, lo car is lookin SEXEHHH i think i might prefer lo car now :)
grandma cletus
grandma cletus Hace un mes
*MEANWHILE* lamborghini drivers are sitting on their A$$ watching tv
Sebastian Nurkowski
Sebastian Nurkowski Hace un mes
Its not cheap vs expensive Its more like noob vs pro Cheap doesnt mean noob But expensive most of the time mean rich noob xD
Kiraro The Kitsune
Kiraro The Kitsune Hace un mes
The intern seems more knowledgeable
Alma Duran
Alma Duran Hace un mes
Can you not drive that high end car in the rain cause of the hood? Or am I a noob
umar khan
umar khan Hace un mes
5:15 savage garage has entered the chat
OhMyGulay Hace un mes
Man both their bumpers some trash
Gringo Mods
Gringo Mods Hace un mes
For 5,500 i can buy a whole 350z lol 😂
Derek Barreto Figueroa
Derek Barreto Figueroa Hace un mes
i really want that donut skate deck where can i get one??
USB presents
USB presents Hace un mes
I don't know about those wings, I wouldn't trust the trunk to hold them. Some spoilers might have been more ideal.
F.B.I Friend
F.B.I Friend Hace un mes
Your channel is the best what i have ever seen
Aldo P
Aldo P Hace un mes
Donut: *puts on a body kit in 2 days* My mechanic: *takes 4 months for just a front bumper* I'm really about to hit y'all up whenever I need a kit done cause these shops take millenia.
Austin D
Austin D Hace un mes
Now straight pipe ir
Giant Giant
Giant Giant Hace un mes
Are the mirows right handed mirrows. The angle is different for right handed cars !!n
Hans611 Hace un mes
I love how they work in the hi car inside in A/C on a nice clean shop and the low car is worked on in an alley
Soal Hace un mes
more better lol
Promenium Hace un mes
Way to spent 5500 in your car and at the same time make it 5500 less valuable.
Kevin Hinojosa
Kevin Hinojosa Hace un mes
"I don't regret buying the bodykit" -Said no one ever
Streams4Charities Hace un mes
So basically you want this video to give you $7100 :) then not out of pocket
Orivyx Productions
Orivyx Productions Hace un mes
I just want to take the low car wrap off so bad
Lizrd Wizrd 2
Lizrd Wizrd 2 Hace un mes
5:00 I swear I hear this song all the time and I have no clue what it's called
Teufel Hund
Teufel Hund Hace un mes
Those wings turned both cars into douche status.
dirtbike gaming
dirtbike gaming Hace un mes
i bought my first jeep for $1680 lol even the dmv people looked at me funny
Saiko Hace un mes
Dremel song: 6:14
Taylor Thiboutot
Taylor Thiboutot Hace un mes
Your audio guy is not good. I notice on up to speed it's always messed up too. Why?
Ferry Husen
Ferry Husen Hace un mes
Will u try karma body kit? There are awsome
Body of Truth
Body of Truth Hace un mes
"Kylo Ren" was the most homoerotic statement ever made on this chanel.
Dan Dan 1061
Dan Dan 1061 Hace un mes
Wow I didn't know that Mikael Temrowski had a channel :) nice car bro
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