13 Famous People with SURPRISING Cars

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Famous people love cars. But some celebrities have cars WAY more surpising than just your typical Rolls or Lambo. On this list we’ve got 13 famous people - from NFL players to ESpostrs - with unusual cars you might not expect. This is an A-List filled D-List!
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YBN Nahmir
YBN Nahmir Hace 4 meses
You know you’ve made it when Donut Media posts you. Lol
SacredGem Hace 3 días
Wsp dude
Fraser McLeod
Fraser McLeod Hace 3 días
Ybn nahmir . You dope bruh , the fact your in tune with car scene . And commented here , siiick , stay real man ✌️
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Hace 6 días
Pop-up Up and Down Headlights by YBN Nahmir. Song would SLAP
Colton Callahan
Colton Callahan Hace 27 días
Kelvin Rivera
Kelvin Rivera Hace 28 días
How about a bumper to bumper episode? @donut media
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Hace 2 días
Tyler the creator, frank ocean, Xavier wulf. All have fucking sick cars.
Note the Cat
Note the Cat Hace 3 días
Where is The weeknd’s rx7 ?
John Chiappetta
John Chiappetta Hace 3 días
letterman lives down the road from me.. see him all the time kinda dope
Tj Souza
Tj Souza Hace 3 días
Let's get these car companies to rebuild poor pplz cars.
Tj Souza
Tj Souza Hace 3 días
Man I thought it was "slow low and ballin"
Tj Souza
Tj Souza Hace 3 días
Yo that car can swim? Or its just wearing some flippers?
PantsPlayz Hace 3 días
Post Malone has a ricer car, And the ford Taurus is a ugly, heavy, slow American car that is only for gay people
theprinceofwa Hace 3 días
Ludichris can really say he drove to the moon and back with that Acura🔥
Satsang Patel
Satsang Patel Hace 4 días
you forgot jeffery stars crazy mso mclaren senna
Jonah White
Jonah White Hace 4 días
Hey im a big fan of your ESpost and you guys inspired me to get a 350z and modify it and I hope to see you guys one day
Carmen San Diego
Carmen San Diego Hace 4 días
jeffree stars custom pink mclaren 570s and custom pink lambo and custom pink BMW i8 and custom pink Rolls Royce not on the list lol.
Deet N
Deet N Hace 4 días
yellow sus
Maria Bernal
Maria Bernal Hace 4 días
arms around you
Vesy Diamondbleed
Vesy Diamondbleed Hace 5 días
awwww Gabriel iglelias has a bunch of VW van
ZackTheMuffinMan Hace 5 días
creboseave BaTreVol
creboseave BaTreVol Hace 5 días
Did he just say "tchiron" instead of "shiron"
Fausto Saccone
Fausto Saccone Hace 6 días
13:57 I lost it LMAO
_ Ceasrio
_ Ceasrio Hace 6 días
Ey breh I'm a kid and not ONCE will I choose to like a super car in my lifetime. I repect what nahmir is doing with his ride and I love jdm whips and tuning. . . I wish there were more kids like me so I could create some common interests
JA Loyz
JA Loyz Hace 6 días
2:57 | Im 14 and got a car and this meant a lot for me because of the hate for my car and my age...
DrewSpeedDemon Hace 6 días
Yo sign the petition to have Guy's hometown of Columbus, Ohio to be renamed "Flavor Town"
DrewSpeedDemon Hace 6 días
This is a Tesla Ute bruh
ToxicG Hace 6 días
ludacris's dream color😂😂😂😂😂if u know what i mean
itsyaboi wan
itsyaboi wan Hace 6 días
5:41 X AE A-12
Yeetus Cletus
Yeetus Cletus Hace 6 días
Yessss, I have an SHO, such a luxurious car
Jacob Lundgren
Jacob Lundgren Hace 6 días
Yellow: James: that kinda sus
Jamarcus_ Sensei
Jamarcus_ Sensei Hace 3 días
James was the imposter
The Lone Wolffe
The Lone Wolffe Hace 6 días
I think lady Gaga has the best car collection
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 8 días
Are we going to ignore that the richest man in the world still drives a 1997 Honda Accord as a daily driver? JEFF FREAKIN BEZOS!
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 8 días
Guy Fieri actually drives a 1968 Camaro! Not a 67.
Chris Defreece
Chris Defreece Hace 9 días
Simone giertz should meet Michael reeves 😂😂😂
Noah Murillo
Noah Murillo Hace 9 días
I’m sad The Weeknd isn’t on here
Matthias Roca
Matthias Roca Hace 10 días
Lmao a 350z is my dream car so that's not that surprising
colby miles
colby miles Hace 10 días
Xavier wulf !!!
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari Hace 10 días
“Lady gaygay” 🤣
Jack Connelly
Jack Connelly Hace 10 días
Hold up how much was that Volkswagen Beetle????????
Rooring Nos
Rooring Nos Hace 12 días
MrBWednesday Hace 13 días
That Mazda 626 is fresh. Ah, Capella.
chetan balutia
chetan balutia Hace 14 días
What about kwahi's tahoe
Ya Boi Roy
Ya Boi Roy Hace 14 días
But he did not mention pewdiepie and his beloved Nissan Micra and the video he made about it😂
Negative Alien
Negative Alien Hace 15 días
Guy is a goat the man is a walking meme factory
Barry Gordon
Barry Gordon Hace 16 días
Lightings werent that badass...
Luis Melendez
Luis Melendez Hace 16 días
The lotus esprit car looks a lot like the stromberg in GTA lol
Easy_S Hace 17 días
I crashed the Acura my dad bought me when I turned 18 (yes, it is very special and means a lot to me) but I'm still waiting on Acura to give me a call offering to repair all damages. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I'm not famous and don't have enough money to pay for any repairs myself if I'd want to?
VenomTheSpookyViper Hace 17 días
If i really made up James Pumphrey im no longer sad about myself for creating such a cool ass person
Everything Youtube
Everything Youtube Hace 18 días
When I become a billionaire I’m gonna buy a 2004 Vauxhall zafira
Gaming Jaguar
Gaming Jaguar Hace 18 días
Dude realy said kiron
aaron groth
aaron groth Hace 18 días
The Maloo actually has a tub a tray back is typically aluminium or steel 😅 but thank you 🤗
QUITE KID Hace 18 días
frank ocean m3 e30
Psychlops 924
Psychlops 924 Hace 18 días
I legit thought you were going to talk about the two IndyCar teams David Letterman owns for a second there. Like, these are all cool cars, but a freaking Indy 500 winning car is way cooler hahaha.
JONATHAN CASH Hace 18 días
5:43 lol
Warriorbob07 07
Warriorbob07 07 Hace 19 días
“Closest thing you can get to a tank”. You know you can legally buy tanks right? For most the main gun has to be decommissioned unless you’ve got a SOT-3
JustNickMusic Hace 21 un día
Dope! Part II w/Frank Ocean and Tyler!
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace 21 un día
Post Malone's truck is donky af, and i absolutely love it. Especially with those Lambo doors!
Andre Benpoppin
Andre Benpoppin Hace 21 un día
8:50 that’s it that’s all
Joshua Hace 22 días
Well glad to know James knows about shelf theory hahaha
Reese Rawlins
Reese Rawlins Hace 22 días
Did anyone else see the CRUDES COMMERCIAL
Josh Adams
Josh Adams Hace 22 días
Funny that truck was bought at the dealership I use to work for Wade Ford. As soon as I saw it I k ew it looked familiar.
Ivan Zamora
Ivan Zamora Hace 23 días
Everyone from 2000 knows gaga was a slapper also including black eye peas, I don't listen to them anymore but it's noice to look back👌🏻✝️🍺
Triggs Hace 23 días
I valet parked Shaq's truck at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. I felt like a baby in the seat
Shane Williams
Shane Williams Hace 23 días
Thanks for correcting the ute
Ian Pattison
Ian Pattison Hace 24 días
Ybn nahmir also had an rx7
Ian Pattison
Ian Pattison Hace 24 días
Skeet Webster
Skeet Webster Hace 24 días
Is it just me or is luda's Acura two different shades of gold???😅😅
Der RoteKoyote
Der RoteKoyote Hace 26 días
Yeah they just like YOU and ME ...with a shitton of MoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoneeeeeeeeY!
Mitchell Rosa
Mitchell Rosa Hace 26 días
If I’m ever rich I want my Prius V to give me Bentley vibes
KamiNoRai Raijin
KamiNoRai Raijin Hace 27 días
Actually if you decommissioned the cannon you can buy a tank. Pretty much anywhere in the world.
Nathan Brisebois
Nathan Brisebois Hace 27 días
I am very judgemental of Will.I.Am's car tastes lol
matthew webb
matthew webb Hace 27 días
Why would someone ruin a delorean like that😔 I mean yeah they were slow but be could have just slapped a big ass engine in it and left the body
Tinkerjeep Publications
Tinkerjeep Publications Hace 27 días
My Buddy had a green 92 Taurus SHO. It had a ton of torque steer, it fried the rear three spark plug wires due to the transverse mounted Yammy engine. It ate clutches and transmission housings. It also attracted cops. It would do 140 on the hiway...but it was crap.
Magic_devil_kill Hace 28 días
Sad you didnt add 50cent to the list (he rolls around in a BMW M1 if hes not driving a luxury car)
Abel Maldonado
Abel Maldonado Hace 29 días
Post Malone isn’t from houston. He’s from DALLAS.
Matt Lee
Matt Lee Hace un mes
Why are the ads longer than the actual videos on this channel?
Magic_devil_kill Hace un mes
Ok but you not gonna mention that Shelby cobra guy had
Enric G Majoral
Enric G Majoral Hace un mes
Hahahaha...."You made me up!!"
Zach Conant
Zach Conant Hace un mes
What the hell is the R word?
Gerald G
Gerald G Hace un mes
I have always been a fan of the Volvo Wagon. I even plan on owning one when I grow up. What I'm not a fan of is the look Dave Letterman is sporting these days.
Theodore Lampros
Theodore Lampros Hace un mes
Rip Paul Newman.
Alexzander Smith
Alexzander Smith Hace un mes
its a 68camaro no vent windows and round fender whels
William Calvert
William Calvert Hace un mes
Will.I.Am's VW is an abomination! It wasnt actually built by WCC most of it was done by another shop and they finished it. They said they could finish it in 6 weeks I think it ended up being 2 years! Will has no clue as to how a car works or what makes them cool and in the custom car world this car is a joke.
payeshlover99__ Hace un mes
Brokenbones Hace un mes
you can tell Donut Media analyses thier viewers. You can clearly see that Gen z watches this channel and that they know that from how they lay out the jokes and gags :)
Thomas Hace un mes
flex of the day; i have a wet nellie hotwheels
nateyguy288 Hace un mes
Damn guy fieri really took black and yellow to heart
TheStickyyBandit Hace un mes
"Nothing exists not even me, you made me up" lmao
William Jeremiah
William Jeremiah Hace un mes
"The Legend was back and better than ever.. So I'm gonna squat on the hood and dent it." btw.. I play everything except Country & Rap in my SLAB.
Andy Hace un mes
I’m surprised they didn’t mention Shaq’s stretched Lamborghini Gallardo
GreaseMonkey67 Hace un mes
4:37 who knows it as the Stromberg?
Buffy Hace un mes
Lil Uzi verts audi r8
Amare King
Amare King Hace un mes
Turned a dodge I’m dead
Patrick Daugherty
Patrick Daugherty Hace un mes
My mom's m had a legend. I never wanted anything without 4 doors ever again.
William Jeremiah
William Jeremiah Hace un mes
Legends also came as two door coupes.
tango dad
tango dad Hace un mes
It’s a lucky car. That’s why Conan drives it. Could be sentimental. Could be he’s cheap as fuck.
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar Hace un mes
I think the weekend has a pretty dope fc rx7
Costco Pizza
Costco Pizza Hace un mes
The way he said Chiron
donkzz Hace un mes
guy fiery also knows his dirt bikes
Kevin INB
Kevin INB Hace un mes
How can you dislike this video man 🤔?!?!
Manijakx9898 Hace un mes
U aint no real reppa bar spitta if u aint riding in a rented lambo
Tommy Love
Tommy Love Hace un mes
I'm suprised they didnt mention Tpain and his drift cars
Corrie Shepard
Corrie Shepard Hace un mes
Did James lose some poundage??
NSJayden Hace un mes
i just got finished watching simones tesla video before watching this
Colton Thom
Colton Thom Hace un mes
Guy im my town bought some of shaqs cars one is a purple lambo all of them have superman symbol on them
Eli Percival
Eli Percival Hace un mes
Tarus= bad transmissions wonder how many conan went through. I had a volvo 740 turbo wagon and guess what that thing was fast as $hit as a stock car with an automatic. screw west coast customs I brought $100k and a Fiero for them to restore and they turned me down....
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