11 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars)

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Everyone remembers their first car! It’s one of the most memorable automotive milestones. But if you’re a person who likes cars, picking the right first car is a big deal. Luckily, we’ve got ya covered. From sensible commuters to cars that will get your knuckles greasy, this is a list of 11 best first cars for car enthusiasts like you and me!
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Kurt Greene
Kurt Greene Hace 22 horas
I just got my liscense like 4 months ago and my first car is a 1999 Honda Accord with a 4.2 litre V6 in it
Fabian Lötzsch
Fabian Lötzsch Hace un día
Im living in Germandy, my Dad works in a Mercedes Carhouse. I said to him that i wanted a bmw e36 as first car, or a miata. He now has another favorite son.
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace un día
yo jadum sith got me rolling on my bong outta nowhere
Quinton Lw
Quinton Lw Hace un día
I like the Volvo S60 because it comes with 300 hp
Ian Lerner
Ian Lerner Hace un día
my first car was a volvo with a t5 engine on it. my family had it for a decade before I learned to drive, my older brother learned to drive on it, I learned to drive on it. my parents like it because now a days there's been a shift away from having hand-breaks in automatic cars but having a hand break gave my parents the ability to hit the breaks for me if I messed up so that was a great option to learn to drive on, and I liked it because that t5 engine, even if the turbo was practically shot by the time it became my car and it was stalling every half mile it was still a super fun turbo engine car that taught me how to do burnouts and donuts and so much more. volvo is the best first car. R.I.P. Betty
Chadwick Heine
Chadwick Heine Hace un día
03 ranger 3.0 single cab in white. My first truck... miss it.
wtfocity _
wtfocity _ Hace 2 días
I'm my opinion a cool first car should be a Mazda RX8 it's cheap 3.5 fuel economy and has 5 start safety rating plus it's a RX8 it's got that good fast and furious boy racer feel and parents will love the 5 star safety rating
Goon Hace 2 días
if i could get just $1000 i could finally move into my car and work from my car.
SBworks Hace 3 días
Here golf’s get stolen and civics dont get stolen
DALIO Cee Hace 3 días
I'm trying to build my way up to a 180sx
Im Poomer
Im Poomer Hace 3 días
When he said ... 14:43 ... i felt that
Yes No
Yes No Hace 4 días
Mfw I'm European
chris mcaulay
chris mcaulay Hace 4 días
My first car was my baby, a 1996 Acura Integra, my second car is its retarded lil brother a 1994 Acura Integra
unlivablefan66 Hace 4 días
Me and my 328xi
JettSpeed Hace 4 días
The way you say “Ranger”.... lol
Vincynt Sharp
Vincynt Sharp Hace 5 días
I am by NO means a car guy (not by a longshot) but I fucking love James
FranklinsMad400 Hace 5 días
so should I start tuning up my 03 accord :)
Speedster10 Hace 5 días
Since when has a corvette been reliable?
Noncebeater rc's
Noncebeater rc's Hace 6 días
The 244 or 242 had a turbo
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Hace 6 días
Really respect the video idea guys! Great way to think bout our “baby” car enthusiasts out there👍
DogeDroid Hace 7 días
I needed this. I am 14 and am planning to start saving for a fun, affordable and rather beginner tuner-friendly first car. My parents think it is unbelievable to think about the fact in 2 years I’m going to be driving full size vehicles.
Brad Dalling
Brad Dalling Hace 7 días
1987 Chevy Silverado blue long bed my first car
josh taylor
josh taylor Hace 7 días
I need to move to America my first car is a fiat panda 😭
J R Hace 7 días
OR you just get a motorcycle. Speed, cool factor, cheap, and loud.
Maleya Cordova
Maleya Cordova Hace 7 días
What about toyotas
Viduna Weerasinghe
Viduna Weerasinghe Hace 8 días
First QUESTIONS I get in my mind, Why is he shy? Whats wrong with him? Is he drunk? Did he sleep with the microphone wire?? Its actually hilarious, but i love that. And I don't mind too.
Mustache Glasses
Mustache Glasses Hace 8 días
I passed my drivers test in a 67’ Stingray. My first car was a 96’ Firebird. I sold it and got a 72’ Jeep Commander. I grew up in a car dealership and my first drift and burnout was in a Buick Grand National.. I drive a Honda Fit now. How the mighty have fallen. Edit my dad drives a Miata NA and her calls my fit a bitch mobile
Nick Hace 7 días
That's rough lol. Bet you spend a lot less on gas though.
Babu Hace 8 días
what did he say at 17:41
bryton Crabtree
bryton Crabtree Hace 8 días
Is he drunk? He seems drunk
Przemysław Stasiak
Przemysław Stasiak Hace 9 días
Where is miata nb?
badr bouziane
badr bouziane Hace 9 días
Hella random. .but if you get free time. .talk about Infiniti Q50 red sport 400?
cloud9 Hace 9 días
My first car is was a Nissan 300
Ega Irawann
Ega Irawann Hace 9 días
Therapist: Shaved James isn't exist he can't hurt you Shaved James: 00:01
Professional Loozer
Professional Loozer Hace 9 días
Where the volvo ppl at
Voxxx Hace 10 días
I’m on track to buy my 3rd car but I’m watching this for pure enjoyment
Ben M.
Ben M. Hace 10 días
my parents got me a v6 mustang 2017 I'm so happy
Rip Focus
Rip Focus Hace 10 días
Mazda 323 GLX 1986 the best and worst first car.
wojtek szade
wojtek szade Hace 10 días
how can u recommend a 300hp+ car for first car that cost like $30k wtf
Jack Pan
Jack Pan Hace 10 días
I'm surprised a Honda cl7 r is not here
PA Hunting
PA Hunting Hace 10 días
6:35 I can’t even believe the C8 Corvette LT 1 is only 60K
Cole Ramsey
Cole Ramsey Hace 10 días
Talk about a 92 miata for $450😏
black Mimi
black Mimi Hace 10 días
Any one owning a mk4 golf ?
Mohamed S4fwan
Mohamed S4fwan Hace 10 días
Stay well man.🤙
Markus Mcschallenburger
Markus Mcschallenburger Hace 10 días
I'm new to this channel (this is the first video I've watched from this channel and I think it is super entertaining). With that being said, without sounding too ignorant......what is "Larping Gear"?
Karam Habib
Karam Habib Hace 11 días
Im 15 and im looking for a mazda miata NA 1990-1995 for my first car
Jonathan Redecop
Jonathan Redecop Hace 11 días
0:24 demon
Mikey Conway
Mikey Conway Hace 11 días
My first car was a 2004 Monte Carlo SS Dale Jr. édition. It was the perfect first car for me. Sporty but not too fast with a spacious back seat and trunk
J Z Hace 11 días
Still using my first car, 07' Honda Accord. Saving up to get a better car.
Nicole Volkov
Nicole Volkov Hace 11 días
I’m scared that Canada’s winter will destroy the engine. My cousins Forester was out 5 months cuz the engine blew from the cold
Kenaz Wilder
Kenaz Wilder Hace 11 días
Green SN95s are the one of the ugliest cars
Julian W
Julian W Hace 11 días
I absolutely love my SE-R Spec V Sentra to death. Very fun first car and very customizable
shoter toast
shoter toast Hace 12 días
The problem is I live in europe
Furious Hawk
Furious Hawk Hace 12 días
Woah i just got an accord and it’s great
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Hace 12 días
What!? The salad shooters are ugly AF!!! but I still love ya and what you do
Yianni Charalambous
Yianni Charalambous Hace 12 días
In the uk insurance is so expensive a vw polo with 95horse power will cost 2.5k per year to insure
Jackson Goerges
Jackson Goerges Hace 12 días
Ahhh my first car was an 02 Accord v6. God I loved that thing, even took it down a very snowy snowmobile trail and made it a mile through until I came out to the ditch.. sadly I couldn’t make it up to the road
Victor Lindvall
Victor Lindvall Hace 12 días
Mazda 6 if you want someting that looks much newer than it is
S shiggy Y
S shiggy Y Hace 13 días
For those who believe the lies of small storage space in the Roadsters/MX5/Miatas they are overreacting, i fit my whole tesco shop in the back of my Roadster and ive even taken it to work with tools and stuff in the back, didnt even need the passenger seat. Just make sure your good at tetris if your gonna try and fit a shopping load in it.
Jamil Rahman
Jamil Rahman Hace 13 días
Where was this video 5 years ago!!!
Sim Hace 13 días
At some point should do the alternative; top whatever first cars for people that hate cars. Know plenty of people that feel cars are at best things to get you from place to place or at worst a giant pile of metal with stress and a pit you hurl repair money into, feel like you could get some fun out of it.
Adam Poliskey
Adam Poliskey Hace 13 días
I just bought my first sports car, i got a 2020 86.. Do you think i made a good choice?
Robin Shortt
Robin Shortt Hace 13 días
For your convenience here's a handy time code index for this helpful video! Car #11 2:29 SN95 Mustang Car #10 3:39 Volvo 240 Car #9 5:04 Ford Ranger Car #8 6:35 C4 Corvette Car #7 8:39 Mazda Miata Car #6 9:52 Lincoln LS Car #5 11:32 Subaru Forester Car #4 12:53 BMW E46 Car #3 14:13 Nissan 3502 Car #2 15:41 MK4 Golf Car #1 !7:28 Accord Here are some more awesome classic cars classic-auto-trader.blogspot.com/
Ann Hiro
Ann Hiro Hace 13 días
I don't know why, but James here is reminding me of a chunkier Tony Stark right now
Esquivel Lopez-Meza
Esquivel Lopez-Meza Hace 13 días
I bought my sister a 2004 mustang off of Craigslist. It’s a fixer upper. But it’s gonna make an amazing first car for her :)
Raine Doan
Raine Doan Hace 13 días
2005 ford escape
Jeff CMO
Jeff CMO Hace 13 días
1st Car 1990 Ford Probe 4 cylinder, 5 speed Red POP UP HEADLIGHTS!!!! I had so much fun dogging the hell out of it. The hand brake was in between the front seats.
MKgaming22 Hace 13 días
And a Thunderbird if you are lucky to come across one because there rarer but they are still fast there the middle child of Ford.
What is going oOn
What is going oOn Hace 13 días
Maybe he has to shit Or hes trying to
Ace_Jake Hace 14 días
1999-2004 mustang gt v8 5 speed manual. $5,000 Easily the best firsts car
ShoeMuncher Hace 14 días
my first car was an amc eagle wagon
GoldenLightning_ Hace 14 días
any one know a good first car that is a manual? (it doesn’t have to be a sports car)
SHONUFF Hace 14 días
Anyone else hate Volvos? They just seem like either a dorky persons car or just douchey. There is something about Volvo's and to a slightly lesser extent volkswagen that are just douchey or ugly or both.
Suppressinq Hace 14 días
We need a name for Car Guy Cars
Joe D
Joe D Hace 14 días
Booze and cocaine....
Blake Moreno
Blake Moreno Hace 14 días
My dad had a modded MK4 GTI with the VR6. It was metallic blue, had bigass subs and amps, was quick as hell. Some of my earliest childhood memories come from me in my baby car seat in the back while my dad was bumping the 2001 album by Dr Dre or some other west coast bangers. To this day he regrets selling it because he had all of his payments done and fully paid for
Blake Moreno
Blake Moreno Hace 14 días
7:59 You can also get a 94-96 Chevy Caprice with the LT1. The 9c1 police packages came with the LT1 and they were also available in the caprice classic. My uncle had one and he loved that car. I wanted to get one for my first car but I couldn’t find one in my price range so I settled with a 99 Acura RL
Mark Mendoza Hernandez
Mark Mendoza Hernandez Hace 14 días
*ebay motors* wants to know your location
NappingNathan Hace 14 días
lol. my first car is a corvette
grellboy175 Hace 15 días
Is that a supra
Red October
Red October Hace 15 días
2010-2015 Dodge Challengers. You can find 2010 Hellcats for 30k
C S L Hace 15 días
If you buy an old cheap beamer for your first car you will almost certainly regret it
Fawas Sabil
Fawas Sabil Hace 15 días
My dad once had an 87 accord in brown... And i still remember everytime the headlights popups every evening... I'm now 17 and im hunting for the same model
nick sanchez
nick sanchez Hace 15 días
Stop ruining SN95s and then trying to sell them with drift taxes please and thank you
Its Husky
Its Husky Hace 15 días
I had a sn95 (was a 1997) V6 and it wasn’t fast but it felt fast. We got it for about $1200, like James said they’re pretty cheap. Honestly it was a blast driving that car, and it was kinda straight piped (there was a gap before the cat back exhaust) and when I had my permit I’d just sit in the mustang and either blast music or rev it. It was a pacific green with bullitt wheels from a newer mustang. Overall to me that car was perfect, there wouldn’t be a better first car.
ヅEman Hace 15 días
i bought my first car a week ago. A 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe. happy with it but its bad on gas
John Momoh
John Momoh Hace 15 días
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Sam files
Sam files Hace 16 días
2004 Daewoo Kalos. Got it 3 months ago
DFB58 Hace 16 días
Ngl the V6 Mustangs are pretty good too, I've seen 10 to 9 second V6 Mustangs
The Night Of Spoopy
The Night Of Spoopy Hace 16 días
For some stupid reason the Subaru Forrester is one of Australia’s most heated cars even though it’s like actually really good and I don’t know why
Fat_Cat Hace 16 días
0:00 pain.
Jack Skoskiewicz
Jack Skoskiewicz Hace 16 días
Thank you for mentioning the 4th gens mustang. Its my dream car and I hope its my 1st, it makes me happy knowing your giving it credit
Jack Skoskiewicz
Jack Skoskiewicz Hace 16 días
Thank you for mentioning the 4th gens mustang. Its my dream car and I hope its my 1st, it makes me happy knowing your giving it credit
Jere P
Jere P Hace 17 días
I got my first car last week it’s a rhd 300zx tt and I have to give it back to the person who sold it to me bc the head gasket is on its way out :( send prayers I am depressed
George Dickinson
George Dickinson Hace 17 días
My first car is a motorcycle
SugaryPhoenixxx Hace 17 días
I absolutely love the high-low series. I too think it is the best thing that Donut has ever done. You should do another high-low series on an american car, or honestly anything. I would totally watch it all again.
Macro Economics
Macro Economics Hace 18 días
All old man cars, first cars are bought by teenagers.
Macro Economics
Macro Economics Hace 18 días
fuk ebay. my last sale was a disaster. A $500 mower ,I couldnt post delivery price it was set at $4 it costs 500 to ship buyers thought i was a scammer, ebay wanted me to pay for posting the ad $30 .
Derrick Logan
Derrick Logan Hace 18 días
My first car, the one that I actually bought, was a used Mercury Lynx Station Wagon for $1,200. The second one was a used 1967 Plymouth Fury III. The third? Brand New 1995 Dodge Intrepid.
Alex Souvall
Alex Souvall Hace 18 días
Prelude is just a cooler accord.
Micah Farr
Micah Farr Hace 18 días
Had a 2006 Lincoln LS. DON’T buy one unless you want to spend a couple thousand to fix the A/C once it definitely goes out on you. It’s fast, but the A/C will definitely go out on you and it’s extremely expensive to fix.
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