11 Athletes with SURPRISING Cars

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Athletes are known for having expensive car collections. But a lot of those cars are usually boring G Wagons or Bentleys. In this episode we’ve got some of the most interesting and SURPRISING cars owned by world class professional athletes. From Kevin Durant to Ronda Rousey to Jackie Chan, this is D-List!
Check out our first episode on cars owned by famous people: espost.info/download/v-deo/ZnuNaoyYfpG2g4I
And shout out to @jrsang_ for letting us use his photos!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 6 días
Is Jackie Chan an athlete? Discuss.
Luke Buchanan
Luke Buchanan Hace 2 días
no doubt
LeGaCy Keane
LeGaCy Keane Hace 2 días
yes of course
Justin Luong
Justin Luong Hace 2 días
more movie star celebirty than athlete.
Mr Oversteer
Mr Oversteer Hace 2 días
The shit that Jackie survived during some of the movies that he filmed already more than qualifies him to be an athlete.
Dnajé Pratt
Dnajé Pratt Hace 2 días
Yes...he is...no discussion needed. 😐
Frankie Guinto
Frankie Guinto Hace un hora
How do I subscribe to Donut Underground? I don’t see the link
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Hace 2 horas
You should do a up to speed on the jeep comanche
Kuj Gaming
Kuj Gaming Hace 2 horas
Daniel Robles
Daniel Robles Hace 2 horas
12yrs old... I lived in Clearwater Florida, I see the Hulkster himself walking out of a Chiropractor office into this Viper... it was a good day.
Luis Mora
Luis Mora Hace 3 horas
Damn from skater to driver
David Kline
David Kline Hace 3 horas
As a fellow heart attack survivor, my hat is tipped to thee. Glad you're still with us, James.
David Kline
David Kline Hace 3 horas
I used to draw cars like John Cena's gumball ride back in the early 90s as a dopey Junior in HS.
Brent Stafford
Brent Stafford Hace 3 horas
Hogan and his son had Supra's. Look man the viper is not as sick as the supra Hogan had. Super Street did a full feature on it years ago.
David Kline
David Kline Hace 3 horas
Quit giving Hulk Hogan free publicity. He's a racist, sleaze bag, has-been and worked with Peter Theil to damage the First Amendment.
Cincinnati Cobra
Cincinnati Cobra Hace 4 horas
4:12 you said air max 95 them ain't 95s them are 90s but I digress none the less that's still cool as hell you did that
Ikram Alhafizhi
Ikram Alhafizhi Hace 7 horas
Is Daniel norris related to lando norris
Follower of Pooh
Follower of Pooh Hace 7 horas
LOL, why is commie, police brutality lovin' Jacky Chan even in the list?
Apexshader Hace 8 horas
i thought there was a discord
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot Hace 9 horas
Does everyone else just skip through their advertisements?
jacob mann
jacob mann Hace 12 horas
Why pastamania right by the infamous colored apartments off 94 in Minnie 🤣🤣🤣
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Hace 14 horas
Who put da trash ass edits☠️☠️☠️
Randy U Piedra
Randy U Piedra Hace 14 horas
Jackie Chan is whatever he wants
Josh Groenewald
Josh Groenewald Hace 14 horas
You pronounced Nissan right 👉. You did not say nessan!
Jinglemybells23 Hace 14 horas
You couldve at least shown a pic of john cena
Peace Hace 15 horas
I built that red 240sx hatch then sold it to Diego 🥺 nice to see it’s still in good condition
Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan Hace 16 horas
Andy Pullar
Andy Pullar Hace 16 horas
I have seen the vaydor up close in person and it looks pretty nice
Pichka Prani
Pichka Prani Hace 17 horas
We want #uptospeed
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides Hace 17 horas
kevin duran's car looks tacky af
Coin Wizard
Coin Wizard Hace 18 horas
11 Athletes with surprising cars, featuring Bane
Its xTazz
Its xTazz Hace 21 un hora
10:20 that gave my chills from how good it was
Wouter Petersen
Wouter Petersen Hace 22 horas
Jackie Chan has even his own Le Mans racing team!
Juan Bautista PETTIGREW
Juan Bautista PETTIGREW Hace 22 horas
8:01 Was that the ZA WARUDO sound fx?
Jeremy Hale
Jeremy Hale Hace 23 horas
Why did you put pictures of all the other athletes, except John Cena?
JetFalco Hace un día
John Cena's car looks like the mouse I used to click on this to type this comment. The very same mouse I will use to click "comment."
Shimeih Hace un día
0:42 ... We've been rickrolled. My heart skipped a beat when hw said "to get up to speed"😂🤭
StereoSoundAgent Hace un día
@4:12 Air Max 90s* infrared intake manifold, you dont say. forget about the subis, Bucky Lasek also had a fully built e46 M3
handsome dan
handsome dan Hace un día
he didn't mention how hulk hogans son would regularly street race with his cars and caused accidents and killed innocent peoples
rioho9835 Hace un día
FYI. Jackie Chan is NOT a popular star in Hong Kong.
Daniel Dougan
Daniel Dougan Hace un día
Sorry to hear about your heart attack 👎❤🙏 Dude how old are you because it makes us all Wonder
George Saruni
George Saruni Hace un día
Up to speed!!
IlIlItachI Hace un día
8:19 I know where I've seen that before ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )
Jeremiah Strank
Jeremiah Strank Hace un día
lmao nice fantano reference at 13:25
Hilly Billy
Hilly Billy Hace un día
only three cool cars in the list chargeram vw and subie change my mind>:(
Donald A
Donald A Hace un día
Shaq buys so many cars that he once almost bought the same car at SEMA twice ...the guy told him that he already owns it he just hasnt told them where to ship it ...lol
Ty naylor
Ty naylor Hace un día
You should do a Nissan pulsar nx
Captain J The BK
Captain J The BK Hace un día
I love that vaydor has a whole tik tok saying they are not kit cars. Every single comment is someone saying its a kit car.
Sika Abika
Sika Abika Hace un día
Why didnt you put the picture of #1? Wtf
Oyan Dorol
Oyan Dorol Hace un día
heck... this episode of d list is hilarious af...
Adam Andrew
Adam Andrew Hace un día
Hi can you do a video on the nissian laurel
Landen Vester
Landen Vester Hace un día
I would pay money to be related to James
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore Hace un día
Honda's are pretty comfortable to live in.
YEE YEE Hace un día
What about Kobe? Doesn’t he have a helicopter or something?
Sam Teller
Sam Teller Hace 2 días
Really missed the opportunity to say "ball to the mall" for Seimone
Joni Cools
Joni Cools Hace 2 días
how i met your mother season 5 episode 12 in the beginning. Lets get trashed on the roof with some hard lemonade Boomer.
McDOODAL Hace 2 días
What happened to up to speed? That was my favorite show.
sgodraw Hace 2 días
BRO DAVID NA’S 240 is so sick and the fact you guys showed some more love to skateboarders made my heart warm, i love you donut, real recognize real
Alex Barn
Alex Barn Hace 2 días
Don't tell Vaydor that they're a Kit car, they might call you out on their Tik Tok account
CALVIN O Hace 2 días
Make a top 10 list of fav cars of each guys
Max Ontis
Max Ontis Hace 2 días
Still waiting for Shaq to wear a Yankee with no Brim
Reed Johnson
Reed Johnson Hace 2 días
I can't see the damn cars. Don't get me wrong I like lookin' at james. But I wanna see the cars he's talking about.
Srinivasan M
Srinivasan M Hace 2 días
12:31 mrbeast GOT EM
Lavdi Hace 2 días
damn content going downhill real fast
RuggedRebel57 Hace 2 días
Politicians Next.
Koby Hince
Koby Hince Hace 2 días
Ruff? I think it’s roof
Sean Carrell
Sean Carrell Hace 2 días
This is painful to watch
BurokkīBoi 06
BurokkīBoi 06 Hace 2 días
Damn what did shaq do to have Batman ontop of his cars😂
Anvarynn Hace 2 días
Was that Fred Durst?! Lmfao
PrototypeSpaceMonkey Hace 2 días
Shout out to Johan Cruyff's Citroen SM
Module79L Hace 2 días
Wrong title, it should've said "11 *North American* Athletes with SURPRISING Cars".
Arthur Lam
Arthur Lam Hace 2 días
Jackie Chan was sponsored by Mitsubishi for quite a while...
Beav 23
Beav 23 Hace 2 días
Kd: I want everything red but make the red taillights black
BroncoDoug Hace 2 días
radical bro dude.
Carlos Anderson
Carlos Anderson Hace 2 días
Daniel Norris' is the coolest one. I'd do that too.
diego carlucci
diego carlucci Hace 2 días
Pyroblock (SPG)
Pyroblock (SPG) Hace 2 días
why do athletes put ugly ass rims on their camaros
Argue Kayes
Argue Kayes Hace 2 días
Imagine putting a guy no ones EVER seen at number 1 smh. I bet he isnt even a real person.
Guitar, cats, and everything else
Guitar, cats, and everything else Hace 2 días
People tryna flex their money but when you look it up the base price for it is only 25,000 dollars (2020 model)
Anthony Gibboni
Anthony Gibboni Hace 2 días
Kds camaro is trash😂
Paul Morales
Paul Morales Hace 2 días
I love da Steve Austin ramcharger
Brown Sugar Pop Tart
Brown Sugar Pop Tart Hace 2 días
5:26 that top left pic looks like a Toyota Camry to me James
Bread Dad
Bread Dad Hace 2 días
Lmao the thumbnail says “SHAQ?” And then shows the whitest person on the planet😂
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos Hace 2 días
That is a real mystery, she probably lost each shoe putting her foot up someone’s ass. It make sense..🙄😂
Me But not the boys -
Me But not the boys - Hace 2 días
Jace Lopez
Jace Lopez Hace 2 días
I give them 5 years, they won’t be around
Jace Lopez
Jace Lopez Hace 2 días
Donut media is so out of ideas, I’m tired of hearing them ramble on about dumb topics, reminds me a lot of those boring top 10 videos
M M Hace 2 días
Hulk Hogan also has a few Supras
ROWAN.I. AM Hace 2 días
The guy in the vador thumbnail is literally a white😂😂😂
Speedytwitcht Hace 2 días
15:36 what is that song again
Bunker Spy
Bunker Spy Hace 2 días
Tf you had a heart attack?
Mike Dioguardo
Mike Dioguardo Hace 2 días
Jackie Chan also co-owns a successful Le Mans LMP2 race team. go lookup Jackie Chan DC Racing.
Daniil Oxyuk
Daniil Oxyuk Hace 2 días
Who else was surprised to hear about the heart attack?
Apple Hace 2 días
Jake Boryszewski
Jake Boryszewski Hace 2 días
12:57-13:03 @Volkswagen make it happen!!!
Gliz zard
Gliz zard Hace 2 días
Glizzy sauce camaro
Michael Morrissey
Michael Morrissey Hace 2 días
Daniel Norris will not "swing away" as he is a pitcher in the AL
Bradley Martland
Bradley Martland Hace 3 días
When it comes to entertaining and educational car shows it goes like this; 1. OG UK Top Gear 2. Donut Media 3. Nothing else
METALHEAD X Hace 3 días
Make a d-list on surprising musicians who have surprising cars and add James Hatfield from metallica car collection to it... U won't regret it
Alexandru Toma
Alexandru Toma Hace 3 días
4:11 that’s an air max 90 not 95. Love you guys but I also adore shoes
Paul Pohuly
Paul Pohuly Hace 3 días
How do we join the channel
MR Dish
MR Dish Hace 3 días
Wangan midnight
hatefunwrx Hace 3 días
I need more of the Incinarator wow
TheBaseUK Hace 3 días
Anyone think James would be a sick guest on hot ones?..
Gabriel Perry
Gabriel Perry Hace 3 días
i regret my life choices watching this my youtube pfp fits this comment
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