10 Insanely Fast SUVs We Can't Believe Exist

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SUVs used to be slow, but NOT ANYMORE! This is a list of some of the fastest SUVs in the frickin world. Hellcat engines? Twin turbos? A 230 MPH SUV? We got it all on this episode of the D-List.
Here’s those other videos we mentioned:
James Drives a Trackhawk: espost.info/download/v-deo/aWtprZOsosPBm2k
Audi RS6 Avant Bumper 2 Bumper: espost.info/download/v-deo/pJlwgYp5kJHTZHI
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Jagg826 Hace 8 horas
X5 M?
Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver Hace 11 horas
Okay so I daily drive a 69 Plymouth Satellite 383 big block with a 750 holley carb and I'm not ashamed to say that one of those Trackhawks pulled up next to me trying to race and I was "ain't no way in hell". I don't need that embarrassment in my life right now lol
Eduardo S.
Eduardo S. Hace 11 horas
The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a symbolism of American engineering: Stupidly fun
Nismo Kid
Nismo Kid Hace 15 horas
Forester STI ~ nice Tesla makes the rest obsolete.. crazy tech.
Alex G
Alex G Hace 23 horas
*Describing how good of an idea putting the turbos inside the V of an engine... *BMW N63 engine has entered the chat.
Michael Dukes
Michael Dukes Hace un día
Love the lil Wayne insert like Gs silent
Miguel Avila
Miguel Avila Hace un día
Dodge just makes powerhouse left and right because they just can 😂
DeeDeeMegaDooDoo .
DeeDeeMegaDooDoo . Hace un día
If it's googleable then it's real period
Brian Andrew Cody
Brian Andrew Cody Hace un día
If there's going to be one offs why not include the 1000hp suburban and tahoe and the high output Escalade their dealer optioned models
jaedon devilliers
jaedon devilliers Hace 2 días
we gonna run past the fact he said he put ketchup in spaghetti?
guillbert yongis
guillbert yongis Hace 2 días
where's the nissan safari that beat richard hammond's porche in top gear?
Gee Hace 2 días
Scott Griffith
Scott Griffith Hace 2 días
No X5 M? k, but there's a Forester STI....
Morgan Galante
Morgan Galante Hace 2 días
stelvio quadrifoglio can make the 0 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and doesn't cost that much. few suvs are quicker, but all way more expensive
Anthony Zanghi
Anthony Zanghi Hace 2 días
Dude where’s the Urus and Bentayga Speed?
zachary poccia
zachary poccia Hace 2 días
Rip the trailblazer SS 06-09’ 0-60 in 5.5 secs for a decent price. Wish GM would compete with at least SRT still
Chris Pritchard
Chris Pritchard Hace 2 días
To pair with the STI there was also Airtrek Turbo R, essentially an Lancer Evo in SUV/Crossover clothing just like the Forester STI was.
thinktoy Hace 3 días
You forgot BMW X5 LMR
blazingpolo 21
blazingpolo 21 Hace 3 días
where's the urus?? lol
Aireney Kirkendoll
Aireney Kirkendoll Hace 3 días
Porsche macan surprised me very awesome to drive
Man Ta
Man Ta Hace 3 días
14:05 - Porsce, Audi, Dodge, Chrysler.... MEET YOUR DADDY!
Bear Boi
Bear Boi Hace 3 días
Who agrees the Cayenne Turbo/Turbo S was the first "SSUV"? It was made in like 2006, before we even had stuff like the Wraith or Ghost, and before Bentley was even thinking about making and SUV. Everything else came out from 2015, but the Cayenne Turbo/Turbo S was there before all of them. im pretty sure my parents had one
Dylan DE Vries
Dylan DE Vries Hace 3 días
Cars, and donut media and my go kart are all my in my blood
Jimmy Dang
Jimmy Dang Hace 3 días
X5 M?
Bear Boi
Bear Boi Hace 3 días
*"ALFA ROMEO STELVIO QUADRIFO- how do I say that? QUADRIFOyoyo? No? That's not it? Well, I guess I'll never know."* - D-List Robot 2020
JJCuz_Dragon Hace 3 días
Yo that Audi is epic
S H Hace 3 días
James is undefeated
Chrome Donut Gaming
Chrome Donut Gaming Hace 4 días
How doesn't this video have X5M competition or X6m competition, or even lambo urus
Seriouspatt Hace 4 días
SUVs still suck.
mohammed osman ibrahim
mohammed osman ibrahim Hace 4 días
Baby killer whale is called shamu
Kaedan Magic
Kaedan Magic Hace 5 días
X5 M ?
LJTowers Hace 5 días
I loved the list, I would've made an honorable mention of the Ford Explorer ST. It has a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 that makes 400hp, weights less than 2.5 tons, and has a 0-60 of 5.5 sec. The best part is that 5-star sells a performance ecu flash that with simple tuning brings out 100 more hp out of the Explorer making 500hp. And for about 600 dollars it's a very cheap way to make a lot more power. It was tested with the enhanced ECU and beat the Durango SRT. It did a 0-60 in 4.4 sec with the E50 mix ofcourse, still amazing!
vahnn0 Hace 5 días
Does the G in lasagna really count as silent? Without it, it's "luh-ZAH-nuh." It's the G that makes the last syllable "nyuh."
Jayson Bourne
Jayson Bourne Hace 5 días
I never laughed and learned at the same time You should of been a teacher..... If cars never existed
Silas Gonis
Silas Gonis Hace 5 días
2020 ford explorer st can go 143mph
Ron Pedrick
Ron Pedrick Hace 5 días
What about the Bugatti suv
Nick J
Nick J Hace 5 días
I wouldn't take that Audi if they begged me. You'll need the free 20k just to pay insurance and maintenance
Samuel Paniagua
Samuel Paniagua Hace 5 días
How you make a list of fast SUVs without including a GMC Typhoon?
Claudy Focan
Claudy Focan Hace 6 días
I would take that toyota or the Subaru over any over the overpriced junk on this list 🤷‍♂️ If you want practicality and a sporty feel, buy a fast estate. Btw many of these on the list are limited to 250, 270 or 300kph. The Alpina XD3 does 320kph max 🤷‍♂️
treytrains07 Hace 6 días
me when i like cars but i play among us: *s t i f f e r s u s*
Giuseppe De Bellis
Giuseppe De Bellis Hace 6 días
" ketchup in the spaghetti"............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHRG!! James!! Cheers form Italy!! :)
bringsik100 Hace 6 días
macan means tiger in malay arch.
JojoGameZ 03
JojoGameZ 03 Hace 6 días
kinda want to see an up to speed about jaguar
Kamar Hace 6 días
Mitsubishi has the airtrek with the 4g63 turbo from factory in a suv
aj m
aj m Hace 6 días
Typhoon where it all started should have been an honorable mention
Paddy The Irish Guy
Paddy The Irish Guy Hace 6 días
Great fucking episode man!! Also, sweet mic.makes me think of Homer Simpson type donut with them colors🤣🤣👍👍
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace 6 días
7:06 looks kinda ugly but new Cayennes look so sexy. Anyway chill out, this is Porsche’s first SUV, they were learning
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace 6 días
These cars have pizzazz
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace 6 días
5:13 I am a Win95 boy as well as a car boy and this is totally hilarious
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace 6 días
Am I glad that the Tesla is on this list
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace 6 días
2:54 is spoken like, you know, to emphasize how fast the Alfa is. Good job, Italy EDIT: Same goes to the Benz @ 8:21
Gavin V
Gavin V Hace 6 días
TK24 Hace 6 días
Forester gang rise up🔥
Maxim Iac
Maxim Iac Hace 6 días
some arabs can buy the land speed cruiser
Issam Nasr
Issam Nasr Hace 6 días
1) The Audi 4.0 V8 that’s in the RSQ8 and Urus is a hot V configuration as well as the Mercedes 2) I’m not sure how u ordered them but it’s definitely not according to speed, power, or acceleration😂
Is Hunt
Is Hunt Hace 6 días
No Bentley Bentayga Speed? Yeah your list isn't accurate.
Rene Gomez
Rene Gomez Hace 6 días
How can you not mention the toyota venza
Leon Kohlmeyer
Leon Kohlmeyer Hace 6 días
That mopowa button hit me so hard. I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!
ECAConcepts Hace 6 días
Why did you bleep out th-.... hue, huehuehue.
Steve Klaassen
Steve Klaassen Hace 6 días
Trackhawk vs Durango I also believe the Durango has 3rd row seating
Major Pain
Major Pain Hace 6 días
9:40 BMW did it first
Hondeer Hace 7 días
Salem Oregon? Sheeeeiiitttttt 18 miles away.
BROOKLYN PANTOJAS RED devil's MF Hace 7 días
Audi straight up stole the entire look from the Lamborghini suv sad Really sad copy cat for what the audi is going for I'll buy the Lamborghini suv I still remember audi as a shitbox car company from back in the day that made super unreliable cars
RBDII Hace 7 días
Love the vids but my ears couldn’t help hearing your need to hawk a loogie
Technoclastic Hace 7 días
Rav 4 prime
sweetserg Hace 7 días
Where’s the Bmw x5m!?!? Wtf....
seriously, weird presentation. those presentationsl is good for kids 🤣
Tweakin Clipz -_-
Tweakin Clipz -_- Hace 7 días
Just seen James on 2 broke girls (szn 2 ep 24)😳 “James Pumphery Beer Hipster”
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson Hace 7 días
Fun Fact: Everyone knew this list already
Redstone Maniac/TheProGamer
Redstone Maniac/TheProGamer Hace 7 días
I own a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, that when put into what Toyota calls "fwd maintenance mode" will go 196 mph, on a flat surface. On speed rated tires that is of course. And if you're wondering how to put it into said "fwd maintenance mode" you put your foot on the brake fully, turn the car to the run position, depress the gas pedal fully, twice, shift the car to neutral, and fully depress the gas pedal twice again, and shift it back to park and fully depress the gas pedal twice more. You can then start the car, (foot still on the brake, it should have been the entire time) and it will start in "fwd maintenance mode, which turns off all traction control, stability control, speed limiters limiters, etc.
Jorgiee Hace 7 días
“It’s lit” ahaha I love it
Jay Beast
Jay Beast Hace 7 días
That’s a googleable record 😂
ZiUXtv Hace 7 días
shit I love ketchup on my spaghetti , with some butter and cheeeeeese!
Kristopher Brock
Kristopher Brock Hace 7 días
I figured there would be a mention of the SUV that was once the fastest in the world. 1998 jeep grand cherokee 5.9l
nics piatos
nics piatos Hace 7 días
please make a review about toyota RSC its also a concept rally car that now look like a nissan duke
Tj Zaja
Tj Zaja Hace 7 días
What about the Ford Explorer
Elijah Sturge
Elijah Sturge Hace 7 días
My favorite one is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and the Dodge Durango SRT 392
G3 Argyros
G3 Argyros Hace 7 días
Where was the Lamborghini Uris
Daniel Baxter
Daniel Baxter Hace 7 días
up to speed already summer is over come on man
Chris van der Walt
Chris van der Walt Hace 7 días
Im really happy the forester sti was included... i myself have a sti swapped forester xt and can testify it cost less than a same year model polo and i smoke gtis with it... sometimes even golf R's... al in a car that i can fit 5 people and their luggage and tow a offroad caravan through some muddy roads that alot of 4x4s would struggle with... o and did i mention it takes speed bumps like a rally car😂😂
Ayush Malpeddi
Ayush Malpeddi Hace 7 días
2020 Model X raven performanc does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds :)
Kantrelle Bailey
Kantrelle Bailey Hace 7 días
The GLA 45 AMG is also, technically an SUV and does 0-60 in 4.2
Marc W
Marc W Hace 8 días
I hope ram bring back the V10
Kanishk Kiran
Kanishk Kiran Hace 8 días
Where is Lamborghini Urus
Rod Hace 8 días
You skipped Brabus SUVs
Brandon Edge
Brandon Edge Hace 8 días
ESpost has gotin so Petty that Donut had to bleep out "Scatpack" Wow!
btryhard7 Hace 8 días
Never seen so much midlife crisis in one list
Uncle Gober
Uncle Gober Hace 8 días
Macan: Tiger.
SRTgold Hace 8 días
I saw dat Alfa Romeo irl and I didn’t know it was that fast wow
Grim Scythe
Grim Scythe Hace 8 días
My friend owns a Stelvio, it never lasts off-road, it got stuck while I was moving in a Fiat Panda.
REDJAW Hace 8 días
Here for the Weezy reference
Brayan Rop
Brayan Rop Hace 8 días
There is a Trackhawk with 1000 hp.. Where is it,, it is the fastest SUV
Real M
Real M Hace 8 días
Where is the fastest SUV, BMW M6???
charlie ryan
charlie ryan Hace 8 días
Thanks for another great video
trent adams
trent adams Hace 8 días
Is this competition available in Australia?
Triforce Hub
Triforce Hub Hace 8 días
You should do a list of unsuspecting dadwagons!! My vote is on the Saab 9-2x Aero. Or the Dodge Magnum
Jim Yahweh
Jim Yahweh Hace 8 días
wheres the ford territory fpv
Adriano, Carl Andrey P.
Adriano, Carl Andrey P. Hace 8 días
8:00 red is kinda sus
Costas Georgiou
Costas Georgiou Hace 8 días
Buuuuuut. Lol you say some of these names waaaaay off! Where is the cayenne?!
jimskatr103 Hace 8 días
I owned a V10 TDI vw Touareg bi turbo that was very fun. Just an electronic, suspension, maintenance nightmare!!!!! Lol
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