10 Classic Cars They NEED to Bring Back

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Thanks to Valvoline for sponsoring this episode! Valvoline’s first breakthrough in motor oil was introducing it. And we’ve been re-inventing it ever since, from the world’s first high mileage oil to the world’s first synthetic blend. There are those who change with the times and those who drive them. Learn more at Valvoline.com/original.
Car companies love bringing back the classics, and they do it all the time. The Mustang. The NSX. The Bronco. But we don’t think manufacturers are bringing back ENOUGH of the right cars! This is a list of 10 classic cars that we think automakers should definitely bring back. From pony cars to muscle trucks, this is D-List!
Huge shout out to Esa Mustonen (@EsaMust) for sharing his MR2 render with us for the video and thumbnail.
And an equally huge shout out to Abimelec Design (@AbimelecDesign) for sharing some of his renders, too!
Sorry about the other renders that @joegweber and @35mm_cars did lol.
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TheStraightPipes Hace 3 meses
Identical Twins
JDM Originals
JDM Originals Hace 6 días
Identical... within the 1st few days..lol.. love yall yuri and jacob
JDM Originals
JDM Originals Hace 6 días
Bring back the del sol, s800 and ugh i wish they would have wemt through with that idx... datsun 510 remake... that thing is just the tits
LWB Hace 18 días
Great ad
Rob .Edwards
Rob .Edwards Hace 20 días
@SkuzzyJ kinda like a quantum particle in both states at the same time, eh?
PLK Hace un mes
Mohamad Nasir Alzaabi
Mohamad Nasir Alzaabi Hace un hora
Who else really likes the autotune I do...
ghostman zimo
ghostman zimo Hace 2 horas
Best montage in cinematic history.
NoliePoly - Surfing Tips and Tricks
NoliePoly - Surfing Tips and Tricks Hace 2 horas
Bring back the pumphrey 502
Tomas Brimelow
Tomas Brimelow Hace 5 horas
Instead of bringing back and renewing old cars wouldn’t it be better if they just made official replicas of old cars with updated tires and engines
Kyle Hartman
Kyle Hartman Hace 15 horas
Jsyk, 3:31, the subtitle says “fu*ked”, but you said “flopped”. Usually bad words are bleeped and I don’t want you to lose your Valvoline sponsorship for some stupid mistake like that.
ThatGuyAnt Hace 17 horas
If Honda started producing the second gen CR-X again, exactly the same, I would be the first in line to buy one the day it dropped.
divedude1 Hace 18 horas
Bring back the new retro LandCruiser as a jeep killa!!!
Achmad Fadil
Achmad Fadil Hace 20 horas
I remember ad as good if not better than the video. I also rewatched the ad many times, usually i skipped them. Well done donut. Big corp out there, sponsor this channel.
Luca Zotti
Luca Zotti Hace un día
I got a family friend that works at the factory where they made the demon in Canada and he said that a challenger barracuda edition was close too coming into production
Mr. E 603
Mr. E 603 Hace un día
I would like them to bring back the Honda Prelude VTEC that was my favorite car when I was back in high school
Baran Melik
Baran Melik Hace un día
S2000 should have made the list
Mike Valentine
Mike Valentine Hace 2 días
Your damn right we made you up!!! But your probably one of the best social media celebrities it's a tie for you guys and the boys over at good mythical morning
Yuri Johnson
Yuri Johnson Hace 2 días
They have entirely too much fun on this channel. 🤣🤣 and I love it!!
Alister Tate
Alister Tate Hace 2 días
I own a CR-Z, change isn't difficult for me, I need an EV MR2 like yesterday. Also, people don't really acknowledge that the CR-Z isn't *solely* the spiritual successor to the CR-X, it's a modern combination of both the CR-X and the original Insight. THAT'S why the styling looks so cool. or *"weird".* 😒
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Hace 2 días
The 2001 ramcharger looks like a dodge suburban
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Hace 2 días
I wish dodge would produce a reproduction 69 charger with the hellcat engine and some old style mufflers.
BG chal
BG chal Hace 2 días
Dude every 10 seconds i can hear the mic making like a tapping noise and it is hella annoying please fix
Eemeli Haaslahti
Eemeli Haaslahti Hace 3 días
Bye bye lancia hahahahahhaha
V G Hace 3 días
James I love you but 4:07 pls take no power windows back can't really imagine a two door (except smart 4two) also can we have an up to speed on Lincoln town car
CHRIS _YANG Hace 3 días
dull days
dull days Hace 3 días
Forgot the Silvia they should make an S16
Nicopedia Hace 4 días
Nissan/Datsun 240z NEEDS to come back and look something like this 🤟 www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/concept_cars/datsun_240z_concept.html
Uglah_Jo _
Uglah_Jo _ Hace 4 días
His body doesn’t match
Johnny Diaz
Johnny Diaz Hace 4 días
A electric mr2 spyder will be dead on arrival that's a fact we want engines u gotta love the engine sound
Fig Bat
Fig Bat Hace 4 días
You look more fat with no beard
Destro_ Forever
Destro_ Forever Hace 5 días
пич на никой не му пука за американските коли
NeedForSpeed2004 Hace 5 días
Dodge Viper
Jason R
Jason R Hace 5 días
The Cuda should be brought back as a crossover family car similar to the buick encore. / ducks for cover.
Mr. Hawk
Mr. Hawk Hace 5 días
I am surprised that neither of you are head of the companies with these cool car ideas
Mr. Hawk
Mr. Hawk Hace 5 días
😂😂😂😂 Great Ideas LOL 😂😂😂😂
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Hace 5 días
Ah. I Figured it out. It’s Joe Rogan if he was Jack Black
jam 168
jam 168 Hace 5 días
Integra plz ⁄(⁄ ⁄ˊૢ⁄ ⌑ ⁄ˋૢ⁄ ⁄)⁄
Cassandra Robertson
Cassandra Robertson Hace 5 días
Where can I get that shirt like, omg♡
Steven March
Steven March Hace 6 días
The CR-X render was siiiiiick
Joaquin Cerruti
Joaquin Cerruti Hace 6 días
you could make a comercial for,idk,ANYTHING with james and it would be just perfect
Stefano Braghini
Stefano Braghini Hace 6 días
“If that doesn’t sound good to you, you’re not old enough” Hell I’m 16 and I’m already interested in that😂
זה סודי
זה סודי Hace 6 días
11:46 that's the Delta S4, a mid engine, AWD *TWINCHARGED* model
Machspeed Hace 6 días
They need to bring back the Pontiac Firebird/TransAm. Like if you agree and wanna see them beat all the current muscle cars by fire!!!
Nibzz Hace 7 días
Where is the grand National?
Reuben the animator
Reuben the animator Hace 7 días
Electric cars can't be the future if there are not faster than there petrol ancestor's. The proof: the NIO EP9 ran around the grand tour track called(the ebolodrome),and was faster than the Aston martin Vulcan but slower than the Mclaren Senna which has less than a 1000 horsepower. showing that how much of the NIO EP9's power is being wasted.(I want to point out that the Mclaren Senna is street legal and the NIO EP9 is not road legal).
Annisa Dwidjajanti
Annisa Dwidjajanti Hace 7 días
in here south east asia the samurai 2020 is her in a country you least expected to get a good heck of a car
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Hace 7 días
Little red express should be special. Skip the hellcat engine and use the viper engine again.
Toby Gaming
Toby Gaming Hace 7 días
there is a suzuki samurai near my house.
Brian Austin
Brian Austin Hace 8 días
I owned a 1988 CRX Si, new from the factory in 1988. I also owned a 2012 CR-Z manual. The cars are not same, but I liked them both. Now, I have a 2018 Civic Si coupe which is closer in driving dynamic to my CRX, but much faster. Your concept of a new CRX would be awesome - especially as Honda is stopping production of the Civic coupe.
Austin Jeffries
Austin Jeffries Hace 8 días
You guys are getting amazing at these advertisements man....
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 8 días
My dad had a yellow CRX
Tony Callaby
Tony Callaby Hace 8 días
Lol a lot of we're born too poor but we're working on it 😂😂😂😂👍✌️
Kaptain Garden
Kaptain Garden Hace 8 días
Is it just me or did you immediately look up if these concepts were coming out and now three months later almost all are rumored for 2021!? No such thing as coincidence
M B Hace 8 días
thats a sub for me
Nicolas Seyissian
Nicolas Seyissian Hace 9 días
audi should bring back the audi rs2
nitroxide91 Hace 9 días
Best sponsor plug ever!
Horselover 600
Horselover 600 Hace 9 días
my grandad has a plymouth its been in the family for like idk 80 yrs
Pirate RV
Pirate RV Hace 9 días
A CRX but no Trans AM Wtf???
Doug Arias
Doug Arias Hace 9 días
you are single handedly the most entertaining on Donut Media
Enomfon Sammy
Enomfon Sammy Hace 9 días
Best AD ever, dont even have a car but i've already ordered 3 bottles😂😂
Hairy Hands
Hairy Hands Hace 10 días
Wait. ‘It was a hybrid’ is four words in the first place. *my brain hurts*
Lupus Arcticus
Lupus Arcticus Hace 10 días
3000GT/MITSUBISHI GTO and Montero
Evan Johnson-Stephens
Evan Johnson-Stephens Hace 10 días
Chevelle James! Chevelle ILy Pls Render it
Michael Lame
Michael Lame Hace 10 días
great video but stop manhandling the mic please, i can hear every shuffle of the cord and movement of your hands
Henrique Maia
Henrique Maia Hace 10 días
CR-Z is the shit! just saing
omar Hace 10 días
We are waiting for post malone sponsor
程锦杰 Hace 11 días
CRX and S2000 is really need to be back
John E McDonald
John E McDonald Hace 11 días
don't forget to bring back the 87-93 Foxbody Mustangs......I wish you could go to a dealer and they order the year of your choice of vehicle and have the factory make it. how cool would that be.....
Bedrock thedog
Bedrock thedog Hace 11 días
19:10 . . . Ford E-sCoRt
Nyc._JayRD999 Hace 12 días
If electric cars take over I’m gonna kill someone
skid Hace 12 días
rs200 would be perfect
Jackson Corfield
Jackson Corfield Hace 12 días
Dude I think u convinced me to use valvoline
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison Hace 12 días
How can valvoline have a 150+ year automotive history when the first production vehicle, the Benz patent-motorwagen (1886), is only 134 years old?
Bishop M
Bishop M Hace 13 días
The little red express is like one of the most DODGE things DODGE could do
Cuda Hace 13 días
The cuda needs to be #1.. and im not just saying that because i was named after it.
Deshawn White
Deshawn White Hace 13 días
I saw a dead sea lion today 😂
Bryson K
Bryson K Hace 13 días
Dodge raider needs a reboot. Or just more of the old ones.
Geechee Slim
Geechee Slim Hace 13 días
Your editor made a GREAT LOOKING CRV concept. Ask him to make a newer prelude.
SHUBHA P Hace 14 días
Evo needs to come back
Brad V
Brad V Hace 14 días
If I had to pick another 10 cars myself, here's what I'd be picking between: 1. Ford Fairlane, 2. Dodge Ram SRT-10, 3. Honda S2000, 4. Dodge Neon, 5. Chevy Nova, 6. Buick Riviera, 7. Plymouth RoadRunner, 8. Alfa Romeo Brera, 9. Pontiac GTO, 10. AMC Pacer.
Aydin Tieu
Aydin Tieu Hace 15 días
You forgot the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Eclipse. The Stig is mad.
T & Z Parkour and Vlogs
T & Z Parkour and Vlogs Hace 15 días
0:39 : )
Gordon Spence
Gordon Spence Hace 15 días
hey if any of you car company guys are here.. TAKE NOTES
PXLTRON Hace 15 días
Anime4 LaijFuh
Anime4 LaijFuh Hace 15 días
but Please keep the OLD Design, just laser it and put a stronger engine in it , Keep it exactly as it is with just better engine
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Hace 16 días
Bro, no big ole’ porchh looking wang in the back of the new MR.2?
Luke Stazz
Luke Stazz Hace 16 días
hallo. #straya here. Little red xpress > ALSO A UTE :D
SBC_JAKE_96 Hace 16 días
Dodge should make rhe ram charger again so it forces gm to make a better blazer
Tory Rhoden
Tory Rhoden Hace 16 días
am i the only one who wanted james to buy that EVO 2 he did bumper to bumper on no just me ok
Mega K's Beatz
Mega K's Beatz Hace 17 días
Aditya Kumar Singh
Aditya Kumar Singh Hace 17 días
We still have the Samurai in India. It's called the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy
Charles Wroth
Charles Wroth Hace 17 días
We used to have a Ford Escort, great car. Roof leaked though
Kris Z
Kris Z Hace 17 días
HenyBett Camacho
HenyBett Camacho Hace 17 días
0:10 look at the bottom right corner
Sandman Mc
Sandman Mc Hace 17 días
How about Opal Vauxhall's of the 90's... Can't leave out lotus's Carlton the mk 2 Astras gte 16v Nova's gte and the Cavalier's gsi 2000
YO YO Hace 17 días
I wonder why they made dodge charger 4 door???
Aireney Kirkendoll
Aireney Kirkendoll Hace 18 días
The express truck is sick
true__ peacock
true__ peacock Hace 18 días
Why did you guys blur scatpack?
Derrick Logan
Derrick Logan Hace 18 días
My mother had a 1968 Plymouth Fury III, convertible with a .318 and it was a Beautiful ❤️ Vehicle. In 1994, before I started working for Chrysler Corporation, I had, for a few years, a 1967 Fury .383 with dual exhaust and posi traction. As rough as it looked, needing more work than I had the $ for at the time, would zoom past people who thought it was just a rusty bucket of a car! Bring back the Fury!!!
J Thum
J Thum Hace 18 días
Honda crux sux. Bring back the del sol but put a real engine in it.
Kyle Mellick
Kyle Mellick Hace 18 días
Melec huh
jeeplivion Hace 19 días
Your cuda idea made me hard
logan daves
logan daves Hace 19 días
i drive a cr-z 😔
Big Ranch
Big Ranch Hace 19 días
I wanna fight the 699 people that disliked this
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