10 Cars with an INSANE Power to Weight Ratio

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Power to Weight is the gold standard when it comes to measuring a vehicle’s performance. The better the ratio, the better a car is… usually. On this list we’ve got 10 cars with pretty insane power to weight ratios, and leeeet me tell ya, not all of them are good!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 2 meses
For all you metric folks, here's a quick conversion chart in order of each car: 3378 lbs = 1532 kg 1896 lbs = 860 kg 8600 lbs = 3900 kg 2813 lbs = 1275 kg 1213 lbs = 548 kg 2328 lbs = 1056 kg 3685 = 1671 kg 850 lbs = 386 kg 2999 lbs = 1380 kg 14158 lbs = 6422 kg
BrecKR Hace 2 horas
@Soldat Music I don't, maybe we have to change infrastructure.
blackheavyblans Hace 20 días
@TyXo 666 likes :D
Arron sheds
Arron sheds Hace un mes
You guys should do a show on the honda ruckus
Joshua Harwell
Joshua Harwell Hace un mes
can you fly James out to help me supercharge my camry?
Kevin Aiello
Kevin Aiello Hace un mes
Baldy McBalderson
Baldy McBalderson Hace un día
Number 1 .. if you want something strange built in a garden shed , we brits are the people to do it .. espost.info/download/v-deo/iYh7f5uqec7ZZKg
Ethan Schwall
Ethan Schwall Hace un día
J Hace 3 días
did you do the bumper to bumper on the fast thing yet
Craig Royce
Craig Royce Hace 4 días
Donut is a breath of fresh air, such good content!
Drummercommander Hace 5 días
It's a shame you only talk about pounds... We need conversions to kilo's on screen!
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Hace 6 días
Bruh. The bloodhound is the equivalent of my hot wing order having the power of an entire horse race.
Gavin Hace 7 días
Czinger 21c
Kyiwann Cale Smith
Kyiwann Cale Smith Hace 8 días
*And I'm the worlds best boyfriend* ~James 2020
Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid)
Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid) Hace 11 días
So the winner has 1 Buff Horse for every 1.6 OUNCES!!!!!!
Zachary Miske
Zachary Miske Hace 11 días
C7 zr1 is 4.72
Dean Su
Dean Su Hace 12 días
It's worth noting that the Bloodhound's power numbers vary with its speed because it uses jet engines / rockets. At standstill the power output of the Bloodhound may be around 135000 hp but when it's screaming down the track course at speed, the power will be much higher.
Sean Gildea
Sean Gildea Hace 13 días
Ya know what yall should do?... Do a Hilow off-road with a couple of Tacomas or jeeps and take them to Baja
DrewMac Hace 14 días
His "mispronouncing words" bit must be super useful for when he actually doesn't know how to pronounce the word.
DrewMac Hace 14 días
I'm just here for chode cars.
Fuck Off
Fuck Off Hace 14 días
Do the b2b
Andrew Davenport
Andrew Davenport Hace 15 días
5:09 this man said petite little chodes 💀💀 I fucking choked on my bacon it's too early 😂😂😂
Canon_Gaming Hace 16 días
Where are my sweet yams and BUSA BOIS
Luis Villagomez
Luis Villagomez Hace 16 días
The Henry Ford F 45 zero. 😂😂😂 I see what you did there
michelle Gabler
michelle Gabler Hace 17 días
the aston marton valkrie has a power to wheiht ratio of 1 to 1 because the car wheiys 900 kg's and has 900 hp
Kj16V Hace 19 días
Converted from Freedom units to bhp/tonne, for the benefit of people from planet Earth (some are couple bhp out because I used Donut's kilo conversions before realising their maths was slightly out): Viper 420 Aygo 111 F450 115 S2000 185 Atom 912 Exige 407 1SS 272 Rocket 427 One:1 1000 LSR 20,979
Coleman Binyon
Coleman Binyon Hace 22 días
you forgot a top fuel
Coleman Binyon
Coleman Binyon Hace 22 días
my rc is 1 to 1.5
LongIslandAngler 67
LongIslandAngler 67 Hace 23 días
By far the funniest episode
K H S Hace 23 días
B2b blood house
Kieran Harris
Kieran Harris Hace 23 días
Need to do bumper to bumper on the bloodhound
David Savnik
David Savnik Hace 23 días
TUSHEK a slovenian hypercar has a 1:1 hp/weight ratio 1400kg/1400hp
Chips NDip
Chips NDip Hace 23 días
This is why a liter bikes can out pull almost anything under 1000hp
Keegan Headlee
Keegan Headlee Hace 24 días
that’s not an ae86..
Arnaldo Rentes
Arnaldo Rentes Hace 24 días
Congratulations on this video! If you are going to make a video about ground speed record holders, pay special attention to the Green Monster series, 1964 and 1965. With little money and totally underdog, the guy pioneered the use of fighter jet turbines on those things - more than half a century ago...
Joe Wessel
Joe Wessel Hace 25 días
I want to be in the VIPER VIDEO Giveaway show. I have great lungs and can yell WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT for days! And I can row through those gears real nice and mean like.
emerlordu69 Hace 28 días
First when you said "eBay Motors" i thought that you were jokin tho
Oreo Lover
Oreo Lover Hace 28 días
pound is too light😴
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev Hace 28 días
bucketslash11 Hace 29 días
Top Fuel?
Larry Engelbrecht
Larry Engelbrecht Hace un mes
Oh. My. God. You left the 1973 Porsche 917-30 off the list. Anywhere between 1100-1700 hp and 1764 lbs (without driver, depending).
Mads Hansen
Mads Hansen Hace un mes
"Come on we are going to get trashed on the roof" - James Pumphrey as Boomer on the "How I met your mother" s5 e12 (0m.11s)
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Hace un mes
Petrol boys still hating on the Tesla, Nikola Tesla ...
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Hace un mes
Tesla model S is between Camero & S2000 503hp to 4941 lbs
DERPIE LION Hace un mes
One thing that I appreciate about donut it the little yellow bar at the bottom while there doing an ad
Merlyn Lear
Merlyn Lear Hace un mes
is the blood hound a car? kinda looks like a rocket with some tricycle wheels?
CTtheGamerr 2.0
CTtheGamerr 2.0 Hace un mes
Eric Braley
Eric Braley Hace un mes
No...no...no mo power???
GoPro Gabe
GoPro Gabe Hace un mes
Little chode car 😂
Based Beatnik
Based Beatnik Hace un mes
Hey I wonder what my vehicles ratio is *calculates its 20.2 Well that fucking sucks.
Francuas Antoniou
Francuas Antoniou Hace un mes
My car has 16kg to 1hp
5:45 Again proved that AMERICAN'S will measure things with anything.
Sagar Dhok
Sagar Dhok Hace un mes
What is the ptw ratio of F1 cars?
KeenanVL Johnson
KeenanVL Johnson Hace un mes
That jet car would be a good b2b
Zeke Burgueno
Zeke Burgueno Hace un mes
I was extremely surprised with how much horsepower the Bloodhound LSR has... 135,000hp. That’s mental.
Johnny lobato Jr
Johnny lobato Jr Hace un mes
GT350: 3760lbs/526hp= 7.14 lbs per HP
NoisyLattice 450
NoisyLattice 450 Hace un mes
Can’t believe the a second gen Mazda speed3 was not on the list. Msrp was only 27000. And with it making 263 hp from factory that puts around $90 per hp.
Manjitha Fonseka
Manjitha Fonseka Hace un mes
NO mo powah babeh
david su
david su Hace un mes
What about upforce
Belinda Adams
Belinda Adams Hace un mes
mister pumphrey can you tell me what happened to up to speed
Jacob Hura
Jacob Hura Hace un mes
My jr dragster has a ratio of 11 lbs per horspower
Evaldas256 Hace un mes
Are you high?
Taelma Hace un mes
Wow really? A car with 2 jet engines is faster than the others?? No way
skyeyemx Hace un mes
a bumper-to-bumper on the Bloodhound LSR would be AMAZING
Ragged Lion
Ragged Lion Hace un mes
The viper was made by dodge *WAS* it’s dead now
Kappa Chino
Kappa Chino Hace un mes
not power to weight, this is weight to power.
It's Brisky
It's Brisky Hace un mes
Fun fact at 760 mph you are travailing roughly around 557 yards per second so almost 6 football fields a second.
1234 Hace un mes
Renault Formula -1 ...... 970 horse power 1600 pounds = 1.65
RAYJENDRA M A H Hace un mes
Among the English posters there is a poster in Indonesian tucked away 😆
Skanda K P
Skanda K P Hace un mes
Ok it might not be a muscle car but I found an Audi R8 for 50k ok it is a lot of money but it is a 2013 r8
Ric James
Ric James Hace un mes
Power to weight is nothing without traction. That is why awd dominates on street tyres from a dig on no prep surfaces.
PLUTO Hace un mes
135000 fricking hrsprs 🤯
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Hace un mes
8:30. At 2.3 seconds, the Ariel has exactly the same 0-60 as a Tesla Model S P100D. Yet the Tesla has a weight/HP about 3X the Ariel's. Really shows the difference between ICE and BE powertrains at the low speed end.
Dylan Edenbo
Dylan Edenbo Hace un mes
one, three, five, zero, zero, zero horsepower yeah I wan't a video about it
Matt Ivie
Matt Ivie Hace un mes
370Z is 9.9 why isn’t it on the list😢
smoltigor17 Hace un mes
pleaseeee do a bumper to bumper on the jetcar
Chickenlauncher Hace un mes
Ehem the thrust ssc can do 1400kph
Muhammad Angga
Muhammad Angga Hace un mes
majalah indo mek
Jonathon M.B
Jonathon M.B Hace un mes
I would love a D-List top ten video on cars under $10,000 with the most power, and the best power to weight ratio you could get.
andrew bodzer
andrew bodzer Hace un mes
Bumper to bumper
Shivank Rana
Shivank Rana Hace un mes
Is it just me or is James way skinnier now?
Jorge Nogueda
Jorge Nogueda Hace un mes
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington Hace un mes
the bloodhound has as much hp as i weigh... thats alot
J Cuzzupe
J Cuzzupe Hace un mes
Let’s see up to speed on the LSR #bloodhound
Chris Rock
Chris Rock Hace un mes
Viper, quite frankly one of the ugliest cars ever made. Who approved this abortion, and who would buy one? Some mysteries will never be solved
P. Informático
P. Informático Hace un mes
What about the Hennessey Venom F5?
Landon armstrong
Landon armstrong Hace un mes
James is more American than George Washington's whole family tree
rishi puranik
rishi puranik Hace un mes
Make a B2B
Britt Bancroft
Britt Bancroft Hace un mes
Oh man, you guys should totally do a bumper to bumper on the bloodhound. That would be beyond awesome.
BlOoDyRhUm26 Hace un mes
In France we have Mr Pascal DRAGOTTO and his Peugeot 206 ROCKET CAR. Prototype developing 15000 Hp (for an empty weight of 976kg), with for only fuel water ! Thruster developed by Nasa, based on the adiabatic expansion of superheated water at 250°C. Video available here : sorry this is the only video, so thought to activate the subtitle and change the language to english. espost.info/download/v-deo/Y36rq6VisJe5ZGE it's a pressure cooker that takes 200km/h (125mph) in 3 seconds in 60 meters (190ft)
Andy Olarra
Andy Olarra Hace un mes
How did they leave out the AM Cygnet V8? Less than 7lbs per buffhorse.
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
Jake Gindy
Jake Gindy Hace un mes
Bloodhound bumper to bumper please!!!!
Lucas William
Lucas William Hace un mes
Niccce, I love you too.
theslashmetal Hace un mes
The exact quote from Colin Chapman is : light is right
a channel
a channel Hace un mes
If you’re really concerned about power to weight ratio you just get a motorbike, a lot of superbikes push out these power to weight ratios easy, the best example is the Kawasaki H2R it produces 310HP with a wet weight of 217KG thats about 700 grams or about 1.5lbs per horsepower. I don’t think a car will beat that anytime soon 😂.
Lucas Savell
Lucas Savell Hace un mes
hey mate u havin a stroke
David Pacheco
David Pacheco Hace un mes
Do a bumper to bumper and ask them if you can drive it
Yuiko Nakamuri
Yuiko Nakamuri Hace un mes
bc they partnered with a bunch of shippers me be like: *hmm s h i p p e r s*
benal buckets
benal buckets Hace un mes
Mo powah less weight bebeh
Ted McFarland
Ted McFarland Hace un mes
KMH.C63 Hace un mes
yo . what about the ssc tuatara it's 1750 hrsprs : 2750 pounds why it's not on this list ?
_gebz_ plays_
_gebz_ plays_ Hace un mes
My big brothers motor bike has a power to weight ratio of 0.0939 kg per hp (kymco quannon 125)
JeepXLC Hace un mes
i am requesting that you do not make a bumper to bumper on any car without bumpers.
lachlan mortimer
lachlan mortimer Hace un mes
I need to see a b2b on the bloodhound lsr!
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